Dakor Dwaraka General Information

Dakor Dwaraka

There are Panch Dwarakas or five Dwarakas in western India dedicated to Lord Krishna. Dwaraka means door and the temple at Dwarka, one of the four major char dham pilgrimage centres has a moksha dwar or door to salvation and the swarga dwar or door to heaven. Pilgrimage to Dwarka …

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Sudama Dwaraka General Information

Sudama Dwaraka

Lord Krishna enjoys a unique status in the pantheon of Gods. As an avatar of Lord Vishnu he is worshipped by millions of devotees. Mathura, his birthplace is one pilgrimage spot and Dwarka, the place he made his home and kingdom, is another. The Jagat Mandir also happens to be …

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Nathdwara Dwaraka General Information

Nathdwara Dwaraka

“Dwara” means door and Dwaraka stands for gateway to heaven. Lord Krishna established Dwaraka at the tip of the Saurashtra coast after he saw that extended wars with Jarasandha, father-in-law of Kansa, his maternal uncle, would only result in trouble for the Yadav clan. He migrated here and established Dwaraka, …

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Moola Dwaraka General Information

Moola Dwaraka

There are 108 divya Desams of Lord Vishnu spread across India. Lord Krishna, as his reincarnation, enjoys a special status in the hearts and minds of his devotees. Dwaraka is the prime religious pilgrimage spot for Krishna bhakts and it is also one of the major chardham yatra spots. What …

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Gujarat Darshan Tour – A Tour of Extreme Diversities

The Modhera Dance Festival

Gujarat, a multi-cultural splendour, is worthy of visit. It has extreme diversities and a lot to offer for everyone. Gujarat is a land of extreme diversity with dry arid desert of Kutch in the North-west of the State a perfect counterpoint to the wet lush forests of Dangs in the …

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Vital Facts on Bhavnath Mahadev Mela

Bhavnath Mahadev Mela

Bhavnath Mahadev Mela is held at the site/location where the famed Bhavnath Mahadev temple stands. The temple stands at the base of the Girnar hills in Gujarat’s Junagadh city. The temple has its roots in myths and the history of the fair held around the temple is as ancient as …

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Important Facts About Modhera Dance Festival

Modhera Dance Festival in Gujarat

If you are a connoisseur of art, music and dance, you must be at the Modhera sun temple to get a real ethereal experience. The starry nights come alive to the rhythmic fervor and musical extravaganza that Modhera features during the pleasant January nights when Modhera dance festival or Uttarardh …

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Tarnetar Festival in Surendranagar, Gujarat

Tarnetar Fair in Surendranagar

Fairs and festivals are a part of Hindu culture since ancient times. Mostly religious in nature, these fairs are organized around temple premises. Apart from the spiritual experience there is also a social and commercial side to religious fairs and festivals of India. One such fair that takes place each …

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