Gujarat at Glance

People, Culture and Lifestyle of Gujarat
June 17, 2017February 26, 2018

People, Culture and Lifestyle of Gujarat

The prosperous state of Gujarat is inhabited by natives commonly referred to as ‘Gujaratis’. Richness of cultural traditions, moneyed inheritance characterizes the population of Gujarat. Civilizing traits, socialization and adherence to cultural norms are also additional traits and attributes characterizing the Gujarati people. The Gujaratis are a part of an Indo-Aryan ethnic group of the...

September 30, 2016February 26, 2018

Gujarat Tourist Information Centre

Call into one of Gujarat Tourist Information Centres for local information, maps and brochures. Our friendly staff will help you make your trip even more memorable! We have all the latest information about Gujarat. Our friendly staff can offer helpful advice on where to stay and traveller information to help you make the most of...

August 17, 2016February 27, 2018

Useful Tips For Your Gujarat Trip

Gujarat, the vivacious state of western India attracts huge number of tourists each year from every corner of the country and globe. The plethora of tourism opportunities at Gujarat makes Gujarat an attractive tourist hub for all the passionate people struck by wander lust. But in order to make your Gujarat Trip fulfilling you need...

June 10, 2016April 2, 2018

History of Gujarat

Gujarat, on the West Coast of India, has a rich history dating back to ancient times. It has had its fair share of maharajas and princes though it may have been slightly overshadowed by the princely splendor of neighboring Rajasthan. The excavation at Lothal shows that this region was part of a flourishing Indus valley...

June 9, 2016February 27, 2018

Top Things to do in Gujarat

Gujarat abounds in endless attractions and thus has grown into a popular tourism destination of late. This is one state of Western India that intrigues tourists with its diverse attractions. Your exploration of Gujarat never ends and every time you come to feel that there is much more to the state of Gujarat than meets...

June 8, 2016February 27, 2018

Traditional Dress of Gujarat – Costumes & Jewellery of Gujarat

Gujarat is a culturally enriched state on the western coast of India and its cultural vivacity reflects well through the traditional Gujarati costumes. Just like the diversified geographical aspect of Gujarat, the costumes of Gujarat too show a remarkable variety across the various communities inhabiting the state. The beauty of traditional costumes of Gujarat can...

June 7, 2016February 27, 2018

Location of Gujarat – Geographical Location of Gujarat

Gujarat is one of the most prominent states of western India and is quite dear to the heart of passionate travelers. It is a conglomeration of many exciting tourist destinations which will never leave you tired from exploring Gujarat as a state as well as a tourist destination. Before you embark on a tour of...

June 6, 2016March 26, 2018

Climate of The Gujarat – Best Time To Visit Gujarat

Gujarat, on the West Coast of India, has a widely varying topography. Down South, starting from Surat onwards, it has more of greenery and water bodies. Even if you travel Eastwards from Baroda you will come across more greenery. From Baroda upwards you will see the land becoming progressively more arid. This is evident in...

May 24, 2016March 26, 2018

How to Reach Gujarat – Gujarat by Road, Train, Air & Sea

Gujarat with all its cultural vivacity and religious splendor attracts thousands of tourists from every corner of the nation and globe. Gujarat is the perfect holiday spot to charm you to the very core. There are innumerable visit-able places in Gujarat and each one comes with a distinct character of its own. Thus Gujarat today...