All You Need to Know About Kutch Utsav

Kutch is one of the barren lands of Gujarat, located at the far western edge of the Indian subcontinent. It is famous for its exquisite amalgamation of art, crafts, music, dance, and people from diverse cultures, all coming together to celebrate the beautiful carnival of Kutch for three to four days. The carnival starts during the full moon nights of winter season each year where three days festive extravaganza along with heartiest hospitality and traditional culture as well as food welcomes you. The carnival is organized at various local places within the Kutch region where the local guides and local people introduce and familiarize the visitors with the local flavor of Gujarat. The festival allows tourists to behold the myriad exhibitions of local art and craft, architecture, folk music and dance performances and local delicacies.

History Behind the Festival

Kutch UtsavAll the festivities of Kutch happen during the moonlit cold nights on the lands of ‘Rann of Kutch’. So, the festival is named as ‘Kutch Utsav’ also known as ‘Rann Utsav. This festival is a perfect fun-filled family destination for a 3-4 days trip. The carnival or event is organized by the tourism authorities of Gujarat Tourism Board in the arid region of ‘Rann of Kutch’ where the rich and diverse culture of Gujarat is showcased by the local people here. This boosts the tourism as well as helps the poor local people economically. The three-day event gives the tourists from in and around the world an opportunity to know about the tradition and culture of Gujarat. Every year thousands of tourists from India and abroad come to check out this splendid festival.

How to Reach Kutch

Kutch Utsav in GujaratThe nearest railway station to reach Kutch via train is Bhuj, being called as the administrative center of Kutch in Gujarat. It is very well connected through road, rail and air with several areas of Gujarat state as well as other nearby states and big cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Jaipur etc. Reaching Bhuj and Kutch is very easy and comfortable with regular and frequent flight, train and bus services. You can hire a taxi or cab from Bhuj (Kutch) airport or railway station and likewise reach Kutch. Travelling to Kutch via road is a fascinating experience in itself. Highway no. 8A connects Kutch with Ahmedabad and its neighboring areas. The distance from Kutch to Ahmedabad is 446 kilometers.

Best Time to Visit

December is the month when you can visit Kutch and its nearby places and enjoy the Kutch festival. The Kutch festival begins in the Bhuj City and is taken over all around the district and the grand finale is held at the preliminary destination of Bhuj. The weather is pretty cold in December so do pack accordingly.

Must do Activities in Kutch

Kutch Utsav TourThe festival attracts the visitors with the flavors of diverse culture and tradition by showcasing the music and dance performances along with an exhibition of architecture. Visitors stay in tents during the three-day festivities that border the great White Rann. There are around 300 to 400 tents available that provide all types of facilities as well as it suits your budget too. If you love shopping you can spend endless hours on the various stalls selling exquisitely embroidered stuffs with handmade detailing. You can buy exquisite crafts like rabari embroidery, Rogan art and the unique mirror work and all that for which Kutch is famous. You can also get beautiful handmade kitchen items and crockery made out of lac-turned wood. You can enjoy the traditional local food too like Bajra Na rotla and Khichdi ne Kadhi. Spending the moonlit nights on the white landscape that has a limitless stretch, enjoying the fun and frolic with friends and family is all you need to do to create memorable memories.

Nearby Attractions

Kutch TourThere is a provision of organized tours too, through which you can opt for local sightseeing to many nearby places worth a visit in Kutch like the Narayan Sarovar, The Kera Shiv Temple, and Temple of Modhera. There are other major attractions too while you are on your visit to the Kutch festivities like the White Desert famously known as ‘Rann of Kutch’, Shree Swaminarayan Temple of Bhuj, Dattatreya Temple of Kalo Dungar, the beautiful Kutch Museum, Prag Mahal Palace, Hamirsar Lake, Kutch Fossil Park etc. For nature and wildlife lovers the wildlife sanctuaries of Kutch provides the delightful sight of plenty of amazing wild species like the flamingos, foxes and wild ass.

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