5 of the Best Biking Roads in the World

Motorcycles are different than cars. A car is just a means of transportation, a way to get from the proverbial A to B. Motorcycles, on the other hand, are about the journey between, creating an experience that is all about the ride and not the destination.

As a result, like surfers out for the perfect wave, bikers are always looking for that ultimate ride that combines thrills, adrenaline, and beautiful scenery. The following are what many believe are the 5 best biking roads in the world:

5. Cape Town to Johannesburg

Cape Town to Johannesburg
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This stretch of road in South Africa is both demanding and unique. You are afforded not only the beautiful sights, sounds and culture of Africa, but the amazing vistas that come with being a coastal nation. The terrain is a virtual kaleidoscope of colors, from verdant valleys and stunning canyons to stretches of ocean and grasslands. Take a route toward the town tucked along the beach before heading off to the mountainous region of Swaziland. Finish the trip by heading west past Pretoria to the bustling nightlife of Johannesburg.

4. Australia’s Eastern Shore

Australia's Eastern Shore
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Another coastal area comes in at number 4 on this list. Australia is well known for its Great Barrier Reef, but the ocean terrain is also home to some of the best beach side cruising routes in the world. Sinuous roads provide enough of a challenge to interest the most skilled rider as they twist and turn along the banks of the Pacific Ocean. Riders will witness many of Australia’s natural wonders as they traverse a combination of stunning ocean and mountain terrain.

3. Southern Norway

Southern Norway
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Most people don’t think of Scandinavia when it comes to riding motorcycles, but Norway is home to some of the most interesting biking routes in the world. This is true particularly of the southern region, starting in Kristiansand and reversing direction toward the northern towns. This route has the advantage of avoiding the coldest regions, but instead travels through the verdant mountain areas where fjords and other inlets lay entrenched between. Southern Norway is also one of the most challenging routes a biker can endeavor to ride, as it requires negotiating a number of hairpin turns, tunnels, and tracks that run on what is ostensibly the face of the mountain.

2. Christchurch to Auckland

Christchurch to Auckland
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It requires a bit of zeal to tour an entire country on your motorcycle, but a ride through New Zealand may prove that word is not necessarily apt. One does need to be a zealot to enjoy the countryside and plethora of natural wonders. New Zealand is home to colossal mountains, vibrant beaches, dense forestry, and glacial formations. The variety and contrast of these environmental marvels provides a visual opera of beauty that your eyes will thank you for.

1. The Swiss Alps

The Swiss Alps
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Anyone who enjoys a little extreme action in their bike rides will fancy a ride through the Swiss Alps. The rough terrain, crisp mountain air and abundance of fantastic food make this run the most enjoyable route in the world. Starting in Switzerland, riders pass through the lush forests of Germany before arriving in France. Then comes a steep climb up one of Europe highest peaks, the Savoie.

If that doesn’t sate your appetite, you can double back and coast through the France’s bucolic roads and finish your ride in Italy.

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