Chintamani Jain Temple, Surat

  • Deity: Parasvanath who is a Jain Tirthankara
  • Address:¬†Chintamani Jain Temple – Surat
  • Contact Number: 02612453472,
  • Darshan Timings: 6 AM to 6 PM

Situated in the heart of Surat, the Chintamani Jain Temple stands as one of the city’s oldest Jain temples, its foundations laid in 1699 AD during the reign of Aurangzeb. Nestled in the Moraji Nagar area, strategically positioned at the city’s midpoint, the temple offers easy accessibility from all corners of Surat. The temple’s genesis is traced back to the 12th century AD when Kumarpal, a ruler of the Solanki dynasty, governed the region. Under the wise counsel of Acharya Hemachandraji, a revered Jain preacher, poet, and philosopher, Kumarpal’s reign witnessed unprecedented prosperity, prompting the construction of the Chintamani temple to honor these esteemed figures.

Chintamani Jain Temple, Surat

Despite its unassuming exterior, the Chintamani Jain Temple unfolds into a marvel of creativity and craftsmanship upon entry. The wooden surfaces are adorned with intricate and beautiful carvings, while the ceilings bear paintings executed with natural vegetable colors. These paintings narrate the stories of Acharya Hemachandraji, King Kumarpal, and other Solanki kings, providing a visual journey into the historical tapestry of the era. Beyond its religious significance, the temple stands as a testament to the artistic prowess of the 17th century.

The Chintamani Jain Temple, a haven of cleanliness and tranquility, offers a serene atmosphere for both religious contemplation and artistic appreciation. It seamlessly blends elements of worship, meditation, artistry, and history, creating a multifaceted experience for visitors. As a well-maintained repository of Surat’s cultural heritage, this temple continues to echo the spiritual and artistic legacy of a bygone era.


Positioned at the core of Surat, along the scenic banks of the Tapti River, the Chintamani Jain Temple stands proudly in the Morarji Nagar area, showcasing a captivating architectural design. Surat, situated approximately 234 km from Ahmedabad and 297 km from Mumbai, boasts convenient accessibility to this historical and spiritual landmark. Travelers can easily reach the temple by opting for a taxi service or utilizing the local bus network. For those arriving from other cities, Surat is well-connected by air, with regular flights to and from Mumbai and various other destinations. The strategic location of the Chintamani Jain Temple not only makes it a local gem but also a destination of cultural and historical significance accessible to visitors from diverse regions.

How to Reach

By Bus:

Surat is well-connected by an extensive network of buses, making it convenient for visitors to reach the Chintamani Jain Temple.

  • Local Bus Services: Surat has a robust local bus system that covers various parts of the city. Travelers can inquire about buses heading towards the Morarji Nagar area, where the Chintamani Jain Temple is located. Bus stops and routes are typically well-marked, providing a budget-friendly and accessible mode of transportation.
  • Inter-City Bus Services: For those traveling from nearby cities, inter-city bus services connect Surat with major towns and cities in the region. Bus terminals, such as Surat Central Bus Stand, are likely to have routes leading to Surat’s Morarji Nagar area.

By Train:

Surat has a major railway station, and reaching the Chintamani Jain Temple by train is a viable option.

  • Surat Railway Station: Upon arriving at Surat Railway Station, travelers can opt for local transportation options like auto-rickshaws or taxis to reach the Morarji Nagar area. The railway station is well-connected to various parts of the country, ensuring a convenient journey for visitors.
  • Local Transportation: Auto-rickshaws and taxis are readily available outside the railway station. Visitors can hire these modes of transportation to reach the Morarji Nagar area, where the Chintamani Jain Temple is situated. Ensure that the driver is familiar with the temple’s location or provide clear directions.

By Flight

For those traveling from distant locations, Surat is connected by air, providing a quicker mode of transportation.

  • Surat Airport: Surat Airport operates domestic flights, primarily connecting with major cities such as Mumbai. Upon landing at Surat Airport, travelers can hire taxis or use other local transportation options to reach the Chintamani Jain Temple in the Morarji Nagar area.
  • Airport Transportation: Taxis and private car services are available at Surat Airport, offering a convenient way to reach the temple. Make sure to communicate the temple’s specific location to the driver for a seamless journey.