Essential Travel Tips Females Should Know if Travelling Alone


India is a diversified and beautiful country with plenty of different cultures, religions, and traditions. Because of its unmatched cultures and different lifestyles, travelling to India can be one of your unforgettable and mesmerizing experiences. Unluckily, with its increasing rate of crimes and cases of rapes, India has also some of the unsafe cities in the world that scare the female travellers and they feel unable to explore India alone.

It is a true fact that every country has some bad and some good aspects. Although the reports say that crime rate is increasing, but the most of the people in India are hospitable as well. Sometimes, media hypes a lot due to which females get scared to visit India.

Some of the essential travel tips that every female who wants to travel to India alone should know:

Take additional care while hiring taxis: To make your trip to India unforgettable and wonderful, make sure that you are hiring a taxi from only a registered and genuine cab company so that you do not face any kind of difficulty. Hiring a genuine and popular cab company has so many associated benefits with it, for example, those companies usually provide the cabs with GPS tracking system that makes it easy for you to track the way easily. Always make sure to note down the cab number and name of the driver before sitting in the cab so that if you feel something suspicious, you can inform the police as soon as possible.

Dress fairly: The culture of India is really different from that of the western culture. A woman who wears a dress that reveals her body parts may get a lot of superfluous attention from many people and particularly by men. So, it is recommended to avoid wearing body flaunting clothes like shorts, miniskirts, especially when you are travelling via local transport like trains or buses. It is good if you carry some scarf in your bag always as it is not only useful to wear it when you visit a temple or any spiritual place, but also helps you to protect from ghastly stares.

Do not get extra friendly with strangers: It has been found that Indian men get spellbound by the foreign women, especially white women from the foreign countries. They feel that western women are flirtier and have a lack of moral values. So, if you are coming to India from any western country, make sure to not make any suspicious looking men your friend as they can take your friendship in a wrong way.

Book your accommodation wisely: It is essential to book a hotel that is safe to stay and make sure that it is not located in any quiet place. It is good to choose a hotel located within the hustle and bustle of the city. If you are travelling alone, always remember to lock your room. Always try to book India vacation packages from an authorized and well-known travel website.

A Trip to India cannot seem to look daunting anymore if you follow the essential travel tips discussed above in this write-up. To enjoy your travel to India flawlessly and to feel that you are an independent woman, always make sure to choose your vacation packages India from a genuine travel agency.


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