Packing for a Family Road Trip

The family road trip has been a staple in the India for decades. Many of us have great memories of traveling with our parents and siblings in the family vehicle. As children, road trips can feel like they’re lasting forever, and as parents it can be torture if you’re ill-prepared. Preparation is the best course of action to ensure that you’ll be ready for anything that comes up while on a road trip. Here are a few things that every family might find useful while they’re on a road trip.

Packing for a Family Road Trip

Travel Games and Toys

If you don’t have dual DVD players in every seat back, you’re going to need some entertainment for restless children. It may be okay for some kids to look out the window for a little while, but sooner or later even the best child will become unruly sitting for hours on end. Travel companion games are always great for more than one child. Puzzles and colouring books are old standards, but with older kids you can even bring along crafts like bracelet making sets or model cars. Giving kids something that they enjoy doing will cut down on needless whining and squabbling.


When on the road, hygiene can be the last thing on our mind. When you’re travelling with kids, it’s imperative that you pack certain hygienic equipment to avoid sticky situations and messes. Antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizers are today’s hygienic must-haves, but don’t neglect to pack some tissue and toilet paper just in case. You can also pack a box of zipper bags to place smelly garbage while on the road.

Nutritious Foods

Packing candy and chocolate treats for a car ride may seem like a good idea at the grocery store, but when you have a group of children covered in melting chocolate and getting more hyper by the minute you may be rethinking that purchase. Small, bite-sized items like baby carrots, cherry tomatoes or boxed raisins go a long way to keeping kids busy, and likely won’t make a huge mess of your vehicle while being consumed. You can also consider making some baked goods ahead of time to save money on those little gas station pit stops.

Proper Insurance

Never leave home without being confident in your insurance coverage. Invest in the best plan that suits your needs, and be sure to talk to your agent about any questions you may have relating to your coverage and traveling in your vehicle for extended timeframes.

When properly organized, road trips can create wonderful memories for adults and children alike. As with all travel, the key to an enjoyable road trip lies in careful planning.

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