Food Regimes to Keep You Fit During Travel


It’s not uncommon for people to get sick while they travel. Whether on a holiday trip or traveling for work, it is of utmost importance to take care of your health. Traveling to countries like Africa make you prone to deadly diseases such as malaria, typhoid, diarrhoea etc. Small precautions help you stay healthy no matter which part of the world you go.

Before you head to your destination, it’s always advisable to keep healthy stuff with you. For instance, keeping sandwiches, a bottle of water and some other snacks including chocolates, dry fruits etc. It is equally imperative to have complete information about the destination you are going to. This includes knowing the kind of food available there. It’s easy not to have a balanced diet when traveling. Here are some tips to stay healthy.

Look Out For Departmental Stores

Once you reach the destination, hunt for supermarkets to buy fresh fruits and vegetables like capsicum, carrots, celery etc. Buy some bottled water because many places have this problem of clean drinking water. Buy some bread and butter to prepare a quick munchy sandwich to fill your tummy.

Keep Disposable Plates

When visiting specific destinations in South-East Asia and Africa, don’t forget to keep disposable plates. Remember, a lot of restaurants wash dishes with plain water which may contain plenty of germs to make you sick.

Avoid Fat-Rich, Free Breakfasts

Skip breakfasts at hotel especially the ones that are full of salt and fat like fried potatoes, bacon, pastries and sausages. Instead go for fresh cereals, skim milk and yogurt. Fast foods are a strict No-No. In case you are out there to attend conferences, lighter fare lunches are an excellent choice. Protein-rich salads are equally good.

Remember, you will have to compromise on the taste part but it will surely keep you healthy & fit. Whole-wheat sandwiches are another great option worth considering. If your hotel has refrigerator, stock your favourite food items and prepare your own breakfast.

Drink Lots of Water

Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Air travel can make you sick because the cabin-air has less humidity. Not drinking water can lead to fatigue, muscle cramps, and headaches. If you don’t have a water bottle, make sure to buy one at the airport kiosk. Alcohol and soda should be completely avoided or else it can aggravate jet lag.

Don’t Overeat

It can be very tempting to try out the destination-specific cuisine, but keep a check on your appetite. It’s absolutely normal to try out that authentic Italian pizza or beef steak. But, don’t do this every day.

Other Things to Take Care Of Include

Grilled fish with steamed veggies including lemon & olive oil is the best option.

Don’t go for sauces, dips and dressings. These are full of gluten & unhealthy oils.

Avoid having starches. Have veggies instead.

Go for a diet rich in carbohydrates along with some protein, Fiber and anti-inflammatory fats.

Embrace Vegetarianism

Besides the tips mentioned above, you can even become a vegetarian for some days to avoid those nasty, life-threatening diseases. Avoid CAFO meat completely. You might not feel good having this, but remember it will keep you safe.

Mexican Restaurants

Look out for Mexican Restaurants if possible. You will get plenty of food items containing beans, rice and veggies. If you are inclined towards having salads, look for a high-end restaurant or else you risk getting severe food poisoning.

So, next time you are traveling, keep in mind these points. You will definitely remain healthy if you know how to tackle your taste buds.


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