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The Eiffel tower is arguably one of the most famous superstructures in the world. Its immense structure was made from puddle iron and was officiated by the Prince of Wales during the opening ceremony. The tower was created to commemorate the one century anniversary of the French Revolution. Designed by Gustav Eiffel, it was only meant to stay up for twenty years. However, the city decided not to tear it down after the twenty years were up because of its telegraphy antenna. Today, it is the most recognizable symbol in Paris and the source of numerous hotel tours Eiffel trips.

Before the creation of the Empire State building, the Eiffel Tower was the tallest structure during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. During its construction, it met with a large amount of scorn and derision, with many prominent locals petitioning for it to be taken down. Some Parisians still hold disdain for the tower, but the views are often mixed. Despite the opposition, the tower far outlived its lifespan and continues to be a visiting area for thousands of tourists every year.

Visitors cannot travel to Paris without stopping to see the Eiffel Tower. This is because it is the one object that you can see no matter where you are in the city. If you every get lost, this tower can be used as a focal point to find your way back. On a cloudy day, it can provide a dark and ominous atmosphere but at night, its glowing illumination can be seen from miles away.

One a sunny day, if you are nearby the Seine or close to any other tourists sites such as the Orsay Museum or Notre Dame, it will not take long to follow the river west to find the Eiffel tower. It can also be approached from the metro station if you do not want to walk or pay for expensive taxis. If you choose to walk up the steps of the towers, you will find that the queues are much less steep and easier to navigate. The steps will only go the second stage, and from then on, an elevator is required. The second floor provides a bird eye view of much of Paris, but it is nothing compared to the top view.

Hotels near The Eiffel
The Hotel Beaugrenelle is a well located hotel placed in the heart of Paris. The rooms are fairly small, but that is fairly standard for Paris. It is simple to make a Hotel Beaugrenelle tour Eiffel because it is right next to the metro. An official tour can also be arranged if you want to travel with a guide.

Renovated in 2002, the Auteuil hotel features a pleasant terrace and garden with a total of 94 rooms on seven floors. Dining options include a bar, café, a La Carte restaurant, and a breakfast room. It is located in the midst of the main Paris business centre, so the extensive public transport allows for a convenient hotel Auteuil tour Eiffel.

The Plaza hotel is one of the most famous accommodations situated near the Eiffel tower. Although it is actually in a quiet residential area, it is only walking distance from the Eiffel Tower and many other famous monuments and tourist areas. A plaza tour Eiffel hotel can either be done on foot or arranged with an experienced guide. Aside from the touring, guests can also enjoy an array of quality services and luxury hotel rooms.

The Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel is situated on the Left Bank of Paris, only a short walk away from the tower itself. Its convenient location provides a perfect spot for both holiday makers and business travelers. A personalized and warm welcoming will meet each visitor upon arrival, with every measure taken to ensure friendly and stylish surroundings for the guests.

Views and Facilities
The Eiffel tower has three platforms, with the topmost level providing the best view. Most people agree that the best view is one hour before sunset, when the sun’s golden glow is cast over the whole city. The first level holds an observatory where you can study the tower’s summit movements. Souvenir shops and a restaurant can also be found on this level. The second level holds shops, telescopes, and the Jules Verne Restaurant. This restaurant is incredibly expensive and reservations are required. The final level provides an exceptional view of the city and an office, which features wax reproductions of Thomas Edison and Gustave Eiffel in conversation.

Besides the fabulous tower views, there are also lavish fountains and a free acrobatic and dancer show that perform near the Palais de Chaillot. In short, a hotel tour Eiffel is one of the greatest sights in Paris and should not be missed. If you can afford it, skip the public transport and get a guide to take you straight up for the amazing view.


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