Kali Mata Temple: Worship Goddess Kali at the Ancient Structure Atop the Hill

This iconic holy temple complex adorns the summit of the Pavagadh hill and is a famous pilgrimage centre. The picturesque views surrounding the temple site is simply breath taking and should visited by everyone, even if you are not a religious person. Dating back to as far as 10th or 11th century and located amidst the incredibly enchanting Champaner – Pavagadh archaeological park. Deemed for being one of the most crucial Shaktipeeths of India the most fun part about visiting this temple is the ropeway ride that transfers you to the temple entrance and is an experience in itself. Consisting of massive fortifications and open chowk complete with 2 sacrificial altars and decorated with an array of colourful lights especially during the festival season.

Kalika Mata Temple, Pavagadh

About Pavagadh Hill

Located on the southern end of the Aravali mountain ranges and located within the plains of the Panchmahal district in Gujarat, Pavagadh hills legend states that this is the place where the right foot of sati is said to have fallen down. However, this is not the only mythology related to it there are several more. The entire park where the hill is situated is spread out over an area of more then 3,280 acres. The hill also noteworthy for being the pilgrimage centre for the jain population due to the presence of numerous Jain temples here that hold immense significance. The mystical city of Champaner was located on the base of this hill and currently is an ideal place to spend with your family during the getaway to Gujarat.

Temple History

Goddess Kalika Mata used to be prayed initially by the native people belonging to Bhil and Koli communities. She was then later on entreated and installed by Vishvamitra on the Pavagadh hills summit of Gujarat. Currently the idol of the presiding deity here is worshipped in the form of Chandi or Durga. The Mata in the temple is also worshipped as an important goddess in their religion. An interesting story about the temple tells us that once during the celebration of the Mata at the temple the people had organised a Garbha performance. The goddess was very pleased and joined the dance by assuming a woman form. The king gave her very dirty looks and although he was warned by her he did not stop doing it. So the goddess became very angry and cursed the king that the down will experience a crashing downfall.

Inside Kalika Mata Temple

How to Reach

If you are travelling to the temple via a road journey then it will take you not more than 2 hours to reach. And can be reached by the following ways:

  • By Air – You can reach Gujarat airport by covering a flight journey from your place to departure. From the airport the most convenient way for you to reach the temple will be by hiring a cab or a taxi service.
  • By road – being a popular tourist destination in Gujarat there is a network of roads connecting this place to all the nearby and far away places. If you are travelling from Vadodara then you will be required to travel a distance of 45 kms by opting for a taxi service.
  • By train – the closest station for Pavagadh is located at a mere distance of 13 km at the Champaner road junction. However the major railway station that caters to a number of trains from all over India is located at a distance of 36 km from here i.e. Godhra junction or Vadodara junction which is situated at a distance of 37 km.

Best Time to Visit

Being located in Gujarat avoid travelling to the hill temple during the summer season since you will be faced with scorching heat. The temperature soars to more than 40 degrees during this time. There is some relief during the monsoon season but it becomes very difficult to travel in between the rains and storms. The autumn, winter and spring seasons are the best time to go on a visit to kali Mata temple in Pavagadh. This is the time that pans from September to March. The weather is pleasant and the over all climate is favourable to even go for a sightseeing expedition.

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