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Heritage Sites in Gujarat

Top 8 Heritage Sites in Gujarat

The western most and one of the most culturally rich destinations of India, Gujarat is home to some of the most magnificent sites, peaceful...
Bhai Dooj

Fair and Festivals of India

India is known all over the world for its unmatched vibrancy, immense spirituality and a colorful culture. Each religion and culture is extremely distinct...
Stepwells of Gujarat

Beautiful Stepwells of Gujarat

Stepwells are unique architectural marvels with functional underpinnings. Step wells find mention in the Vedas and early examples can be found in the Indus...
Sursagar Lake

Beautiful Lakes in Gujarat

The state of Gujarat is dotted with many architectural marvels that attract tourists from far and wide. But apart from the majestic historic monuments,...
Dal Lake

Travel to Dal Lake, Srinagar

Dal Lake: One more of nature’s unique creations literally being trashed by Modern Man Even during the most trying times, Srinagar’s Dal Lake attracted and...
Kanchenjunga Mountain

The Almighty Himalayas- Earth Kissing the Sky

Epics, stories and histories have unfolded themselves in the lap of Himalayas. The Almighty ranges of Mountains of Himalayans are scenic beauty and “The...
Khajjiar, Chamba, Himachal

21 Best Destinations to Visit in Your Lifetime

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?” ~ John Steinbeck Well the above quoted lines sums...