Honeymoon Destinations in August: Where to Go?

Most of us get married only once in our life. With this, preparing for the perfect wedding can be a very stressful and wearisome work. You have to make sure you get all the details right. Miss one and everything you have prepared for may go down in shambles. But let me congratulate you! Because at this point, I am sure you are all ready to walk that aisle with your lovely gown and only have to worry about one last thing: your perfect honeymoon!

Private Honeymoon for Couples

Planning for Your Honeymoon

Most couples get married in August. Mainly because the chances of getting a bright sunny day on your wedding day is higher compared to the other months of the year. When it comes to the after party, honeymoon destinations August can give you a lot of options.

You can jumpstart with your plans by listing down the things that you would like to do. Although, you have to remember that August is a peak season for a lot of tourist destinations around the glove. Airports and hotels are packed and prices are at its highest. So make sure that your activities are within your budget. Two other solutions for this is you can either travel late August when families have already gone home and the prices are starting to settle down again or choose to go somewhere unpopular, places that most people often ignore but have the same package to offer as well.

European Honeymoon Destinations in August

One of the really good honeymoon destinations in August that you may want to consider is Southern Europe. The climate this time of the year is best for travel in just about the whole of the continent, with only a few areas affected by the heat waves. August honeymoon destinations are found in Southern Europe!

A weeklong European cruise or a lovely stay for seven nights in a couple of destination cities can keep you within your budget as long as you have enough guidance. A lot of travel agencies and tour operators can keep you on track with offers ranging from free breakfasts to free nights after a weeklong stay. Just make sure you make an intelligent comparison of the different offers.

Europe has a lot to offer for everyone. If you are looking for an escape from the urban life, choose Spain’s coolest cities. If you are more of the romantic type, I am pretty sure Florence or Rome can add more sparks to your relationship, or you can even ride the gondola in Venice. If you plan to have a long honeymoon, I suggest a tour around the sun filled and stylish retreats along the Greek Islands or the Amalfi Coast with its lovely sceneries, or how about walking hand in hand on barefoot along the powdery beaches of Sardinia or let the day pass with a relaxing sports in Algarve with its beautiful golf courses.

You can also take a dive in Malta and Gozo in their world-renowned diving sites or take everything what Spain can offer from the glitz of Marbella to trendy Mallorcan hideaways.

Adventure Honeymoon

I was thinking. What if you and your husband are not the usual honeymooners? What if you are not one of those who would typically spend their honeymoon on beaches, spa treatments or luxury hotels? Worry not; I still have a few tricks up my sleeves for honeymoon destinations in August.

You could either sign up for an adventure honeymoon anywhere from Argentina to Peru, or even Africa perhaps. If you plan to take weeks or even a month off from work, I suggest you travel around the world! What do you know? The world may look different now that you have already found the one.

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