21 Best Destinations to Visit in Your Lifetime

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?” ~ John Steinbeck

Well the above quoted lines sums up the romance of the West with its summers, but unfortunately the same kind words cannot be used to describe the ‘Indian’ summer. The life spent under the sun of the Indian summer is nothing short of a trip to hell and back. The sun beats down hard, the rain gods go into hiding and the choking city life doesn’t make life easier as well. Summers, the only thing they are good for is the vacation time that families get to run off to some place cool and calm, and spend the quality time with each other missed during the year.

This summer let go all of the boundaries to your traveling and utilize the vacations to discover the wonder of India, visit the places that you have never visited before move over the traditional hill station of Shimla and Nainital. This summer do something different, something out of the box and to help you get started here is a list prepared only for you, of the twenty coolest places to visit this summer.

List of the 21 Best Places to visit in India in Summer

1. Bhadarwah

Seoj Meadow Bhaderwah

Located in the mid-Himalayas, is a small town known as Bhadarwah. This town is endowed with breathtaking scenery, pristine landscape and is not cluttered with hordes of tourists to spoil your calm. No wonder than that it is known as ‘Mini Kashmir’ among tourists and the locals.

2. Hemis National Park

Hemis National Parkss

Staying on with the cool weather, Hemis National Park situated in the Eastern Ladakh region of the Himalayas, is a dream come true for adventurers and wildlife lovers alike. The Park is open for tourist from mid-June to mid-October and promises to be a chilly summer vacation spot to go to.

3. Gangotri

Gangotri Temple during Winter

Nestled among the pine forests of the high Himalayan cedar at the beginning of the gorge Bhagirathi, 248 km north of Rishikesh, at height of 3140 meters, Gangotri is the most distant of the Chardham Garhwal. Although the broad Alaknanda flowing past the Badrinath is in some respects, more reason to pretend to be the main channel of the Ganges, Gangotri for Hindus is the spiritual source of the river, while it is a natural source of the ice cave on the Goumukh Gangotri glacier, situated in 14 km further up the valley. Hence its rapid descent through a series of deep gorges, cutting great channels and caldera in the rock and foaming in the boiling lake, river Bhagirathi starts.

4. Vattakanal

Vattakanal Hills

A small hilly hamlet located at a distance of 3 Km from Kodaikanal (Tamil Nadu), it is a beautiful off-beat hill station to behold. With temperatures hovering around 17 degree centigrade, it is an ideal summer retreat and promises to offer you great calm and serenity.

5. Wakro

Wakro Valley

Situated in the eastern most district of the country, Wakro is a small town famous as the hosts of the Kamlang Reserve Forest. Bathed in the glorious mountains of the Eastern Himalayas, Wakro offers great refuge to families and persons looking for some adventures in their trip.

6. Wayanad

Wayanad Hills

Located in “God’s Own Country”, Wayanad district in north-east Kerala is a total bliss. The place is known as the Land of the Paddy Fields and is at a good altitude of 700-2100m, the sights and scenes offered by this place are worth every penny spent for them.

7. Amboli

Kaawalesaad Point, Amboli

Located in the Sahyadri Hills of the Western India, it is famous for being an ‘Ecological Hotspot’ and is therefore endowed with wide varieties of flora and fauna. The area receives heavy rainfall and offers some mystic sights during the rainy season. Its numerous waterfalls make it a must visit place for any traveler.

8. Japalouppe Equestrian Center

Japalouppe Equestrian Center

Built in a massive 12 acres of land, the center is today the leader in providing equestrian training and solutions in Western India, hardly known in popular tourist circle; the center has gained a lot of name and fame. Why not learn some horse riding this summer.

9. Junagadh

View of Girnar, Junagadh

Junagadh literally means “Old Fort” and that is what dominates the landscape of this seventh largest city of the state of Gujarat. This old princely state offers you a ride in the by-gone era of the aristocracy of Gujarat and lets you dwell in the past of the region.

10. Kumbhalgarh

Kumbhalgarh Fort

A Mewar fortress situated in the Rajsamand district of Rajasthan, it was built in the 15th century and is thought to be the birth place of the great Mewar prince Maharana Pratap. The fortress is imposing to say the least, built atop a 1100m hill, it has boundary walls running 36 Km. Surely, getting a taste of the warrior land wouldn’t do much harm, would it?

11. Nalanda

Nalanda University Ruins

Built in the 5th century B.C as a center of higher learning, it was one of the best gifts left to us by the Mauryan Empire and later it went on to be an International center for Buddhist studies. This university is an ode to our genius past and our continued excellence in every field today. It surely pays to pay homage to this great archeological landmark.

12. Pobitora National Park

Pobitora wild life century

Located thirty kilometers east of Guwahati is the Pobitora Wildlife sanctuary, home to one of the most ancient species on Earth the one-horned Rhinoceros. The Sanctuary is a nice adventure spot allowing you to dwell in the greenery of the forest and get a chance to see the mesmerizing Rhinos.

13. Shivpuri

Waterfall Pawa Shivpuri

The erstwhile summer capital of the Scindia rulers of Gwalior, Shivpuri is located in Madhya Pradesh Shivpuri district and is its capital. Located at an altitude of 1500 feets the town is deeply drenched in its rich royal past and its forest cover is a sight to behold.

14. Sonmarg

Beauty of Sonmarg

Situated at an altitude of 3000m this Himalayan town is a famous tourist destination, located at a distance of 87 Km from Srinagar the capital of J&K. The sight and scenes offered by the valley, is just mesmerizing and makes you never want to leave the place. The trekking routes from here take you to three lakes in the Himalayas known as Vishansar, Krishnasar and Gangabal.

15. Neermahal

Nirmahal Tripura

One among the only two water palaces in the country, it is located in the state of Tripura and belonged to the Kingdom of Tripura. The palace was built as a summer resort in 1930, built on the Lake Rudrasagar the palace is an example of luxury and class.

16. Jaipur

City Palace of Jaipur

The capital of the Land of Kings – Rajasthan, Jaipur is the epitome of the Rajputana glory and architecture. The city has preserved its culture, past and its monuments through so many centuries and continues to be a testament to the might of the Rajputana. This summer discover the flare and glory of the Rajputs.

17. Khajjiar

Khajjiar, Chamba, Himachal

Located in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh is this perfect hill town surrounded by serene landscape and beautiful lakes known as Khajjiar. The beauty of the Himalayas finds its way into this small town, which provides the perfect setting for a long holiday with your family. The peace and calm of the place might as well never let you leave.

18. Coorg

Irpu Falls, Coorg

A destination widely popular among South Indians, Coorg is the ‘Go-To’ hill station in Southern India. Surrounded by beautifully manicured tea estates and the mists from the cloud, Coorg is a destination the North India tourist will love to explore.

19. Gangtok

Gangtok City

Visit this place simply for its people, its food and the beautiful snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas. Gangtok, the capital of the state of Sikkim, it is one of those less travelled to destinations in India but the beauty that this place holds in itself is hard to find anywhere else in the country.

20. Gulmarg

Road to Gulmarg, Kashmir

‘The Switzerland of the East’, Gulmarg is a popular holiday destination during the summer but if you visit this place try out skiing on the snow covered hill slopes. The place feels like heaven, looks like heaven and is the place to be before you die. The beauty and landscape of the place is breathtaking. Warning: you might never want to come back to the cities again.

21. Varkala

Varkala Beach

This coastal suburb of Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala is the only place where cliffs are found adjacent to the Arabian Sea. The beaches are beautiful and the temperatures hardly cross 27 degree centigrade. Take the joy of jumping from cliffs and having a great time on the beach this summer at Varkala.

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