Spend a Day at Palitana Temples of Shatrunjaya


In India, most of the pilgrimage places are sacred to the Hindu religion. However, there are many other places that represent Jainism, Buddhism, as well as Islam. As India is a multi-cultural country, you will get plenty of temples and religious destinations to visit. Many temples in India are very old, so you can enjoy experiencing the ancient architecture that is very fascinating. Those who are planning for their next holiday can pay a visit at the Jain temple of Shatrunjaya, which is not only a religious destination, but is also a tourist destination.

People in India blindly believe their deity and knows that their wishes will definitely going to fulfill in future. So if you are among the one then do not miss to pay your visit and worship the god whole-heartedly. This temple welcomes plenty of people every year who throng to explore its beauty that is set atop the hill. Climbing to the top of the temple without any hesitation will of course, make your wishes come true. Jainism is the philosophy native to India and was founded by the sage Mahavira during the 6th century BC. Mahavira was born during 599 BC and was started the life of an austere at the age of 28. He attained the enlightenment after finishing years and years of meditation. Well, meditation was the part of his life that he practiced as the first priority throughout his life span. After attaining the enlightenment, Mahavira taught his powerful meditation until his last breath. He died during the 527 BC.

Shatrunjaya, Palitana

Jainism on the other hand, is not to rely or support the belief in a creator god, but they blindly follow some of the rule that must not hurt other living creatures. They follow the doctrine of Ahimsa or the non-injury to each and every living being in the world. With this, the religion becomes a perfection of human nature that have to be achieved mainly by every individual who belongs to Jain community by their monastic as well as ascetic life. In fact, as per the Jain beliefs, their faith is never-ending that has been discovered through the succeeding ages of the world by 24 Tirthankaras.

The word Tirthankara is actually a title that was given to the enlightened sages of the Jainism, which means ford maker. It specifies a human being or a deity who brings together the ordinary as well as spiritual worlds and can also help the human beings in the same comprehension. Same as the Avatars of Hinduism, this word that is Tirthankaras teach and motivate the humankind and at the same time makes them to protect the world from any kind of demonic forces. Alike the Hindu Avatars, the Jain Tirthankaras also have specific holy places everywhere on the earth as per their birth, attainment of enlightenment, as well as great miracles.

Such places in the world are called as Siddha-Kshetra, where the Tirthankaras and other sacred persons have achieved the Nirvana. The main Siddha-kshetras are actually the Shatrunjaya 5-sacred mountains that are located in Gujarat. The mountains are Girnar that could be found in Saurashtra; Sametshikhar, which is in eastern Bihar; Mount Abu, which is in Rajasthan; and Astapada that is considered as a mythical mountain located at the center of the universe. Flourishing the beauty of Palitana, the mountain rises to 2000 feet above this town. This circular peak is dotted with a complex of 863 beautiful temples. In fact, some of the temples at the site are very old dating from 11th century and most of the structures are dated from some 1500’s after the Muslim invaders who then destroyed the former shrines. You will be fascinated by watching hundreds of elegantly sculpted marble statues inside the ornately fashioned temples. The statues are of 24 Tirthankaras that are simply the supreme object of Jain reverence. One can even enjoy the great pilgrimage festival during the full moon of every Karttika that held in the months of October through November. The entire Shatrunjaya blooms with lights and beauty, making people to feel like spending time in heaven.

Pilgrims from all over the country throngs to this religious destination just to be a part of the celebration that includes processions – carrying big pictures of the holy mountain from the streets of the famous Palitana.


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