Ram Van, Rajkot, Gujarat

The word “Ram” resonates, not just for the residents of Rajkot but is a priceless encounter for all citizens of Saurashtra. The beautiful Ram Van in the natural environment of Rajkot is worth exploring, and I will now share detailed information about it.

Ramvan Gujarat

Statues of Lord Vishnu’s human incarnation, Lord Rama, are being installed at various places in India. His memories are being commemorated by recreating his footprints. Lord Rama’s arrival in India is depicted in Gujarat through a forest named “Ramvan,” also known as “Ramvan.” The events of Lord Rama’s exile are portrayed here, including a 30-foot tall statue of Lord Rama, visible from several kilometers away.

Ram Van

Elaborate sculptures capturing different events from Lord Rama’s life have been created at a cost of crores. “Ramvan” consists of 25 episodes, featuring over 60,000 trees of around 60 different species. The installation includes 22 different sculptures depicting events based on Lord Rama’s life. A 30-foot tall statue of Lord Rama is a prominent feature, visible from a considerable distance during air travel. The entire project aims to provide a visual narrative of Lord Rama’s 14 years of exile, showcasing various episodes and aspects of his life.

Ram Van, Rajkot, Gujarat

“Ramvan” encompasses 47 acres of urban land with over 60,000 trees, representing approximately 55 different species. The forest is divided into two sections, each themed based on the Miyawaki method of afforestation. Various programs, including events like the reunion of Lord Rama and his brother Bharata, based on the Ramayana, are part of the landscape. A “Ram Setu” (bridge) has also been constructed, along with two adjacent lakes. The site features a food court, and a 30-foot tall statue of Lord Rama, along with his footprints during his exile, is present in Ramvan.

Ram Van Rajkot

The project includes 22 sculptures depicting events based on Lord Rama’s life. A 25-foot tall statue of Lord Hanuman serves as a central attraction. Other notable features include a large sculpture of Lord Rama, the Jatayu Gate, the main entrance shaped like Lord Rama’s bow, a statue of Lord Hanuman bringing the Sanjeevani herb from the mountain, and a depiction of events related to Lord Rama’s 14 years of exile. After the completion of “Ramvan,” it is open to the public, featuring a Rashi Van (zodiac-themed forest) and a grand entrance gate with the shape of a bow and arrow. A 120-artistic-bench area is designed for people to sit and enjoy nature.

ramvan in rajkot

“Ramvan” spans 47 acres or 117 hectares in the urban forest of Rajkot, Gujarat. The picturesque scenes in “Ramvan” create an atmosphere reminiscent of a television series set. Besides the beauty of the statues, the lush greenery is enchanting, complemented by a nearby large pond.

The site also showcases sculptures depicting yogic postures of sages and the coronation scene during Lord Rama’s rule. A small lake precedes a larger one where there is a convergence of Lord Rama and Shabari. Adjacent to it, a theater has been built.

Main Attractions

  • Majestic entrance gate with a bow and arrow
  • Grand statue of Lord Rama, 30 feet in height
  • Statues depicting Ram, Laxman, and Sita in exile
  • Gate of the vulture king Jatayu
  • Meeting of Lord Rama and Shabari
  • Ram Setu
  • Statue of Hanuman with the Sanjeevani mountain
  • Statue of Ram, Sita, and the deer
  • Meeting of Kevat
  • Ram and Sugriva’s army
  • Balvatika for children
  • Various sculptures with themes like Gamudra Valley
  • Rashi Van
  • Facility for senior citizens to sit and relax
  • Music system to enhance the spiritual atmosphere, playing Hanuman Chalisa, Ramdhun, and more


  • Electric cars
  • Hinchka (Traditional Swing)
  • Gardens
  • Walking track
  • Conference Room
  • Meeting Room
  • 5 Simple Gazebos
  • 2 Artistic Gazebos
  • 3 Toilets
  • Artistic Benches

Various Paths in Ram Van

  • Valmiki Path
  • Kevat Path
  • Tulsi Path, Angad Path
  • Neel Path
  • Nal Path
  • Laxman Path
  • Bharat Path
  • Hanumat Path
  • Rakshas Path
  • Vibhishan Path
  • Shatrughna Path
  • Sugriva Path
  • Jamvan Path
  • Shabari Path


  • CCTV cameras
  • Watchtower
  • Security personnel

Ram Van Rajkot Address

Near Aaji Dam, in front of Kisan Goshala, Urban Forest Area – Rajkot.

Ram Van Rajkot Entry Fees

  • Rs. 10 for children aged 3 to 12
  • Rs. 20 for individuals aged 12 and above
  • Free entry for children below 3 years

Ram Van Rajkot Timings

Open for visitors from 9 AM to 6 PM. Closed every Monday.

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