How to Reach Statue Of Unity

The Statue of Unity, a colossal monument dedicated to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, stands tall in the Indian state of Gujarat. To facilitate your journey to this iconic landmark, we will explore the various transportation options available, including flights, trains, buses, and taxis. This comprehensive guide aims to provide detailed information on each mode of transportation, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable travel experience.

How to Reach Statue Of Unity

By Flights

The nearest airport to the Statue of Unity is the Vadodara Airport (BDQ), approximately 90 kilometers away. To reach the statue by air, travelers can follow these steps:

Booking Flights

  • Vadodara Airport is well-connected to major cities across India.
  • Popular airlines operating at Vadodara Airport include IndiGo, Air India, and SpiceJet.

Transportation from Vadodara Airport to Statue of Unity

  • After landing at Vadodara Airport, travelers can hire a taxi or use app-based cab services to reach the Statue of Unity.
  • The journey takes around 2 to 2.5 hours, offering picturesque views of the Gujarat landscape.

By Trains

The nearest railway station to the Statue of Unity is the Vadodara Junction (BRC), approximately 90 kilometers away. Here’s how you can plan your journey by train:

Booking Train Tickets

  • Numerous trains connect Vadodara Junction to major cities in India.
  • Popular trains include the Shatabdi Express, Duronto Express, and Gujarat Queen.

Transportation from Vadodara Junction to Statue of Unity

  • Upon reaching Vadodara Junction, travelers can hire a taxi or use local transportation to reach the Statue of Unity.
  • The journey by road takes around 2 to 2.5 hours.

By Buses

Traveling by bus is another viable option for reaching the Statue of Unity. Several state and private buses operate to and from nearby cities. Here’s how you can plan your journey by bus:

State Transport Buses

  • Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) operates buses from major cities to the Statue of Unity.
  • Buses are available from cities like Ahmedabad, Surat, and Vadodara.

Private Buses

  • Private operators also provide bus services to the Statue of Unity.
  • Online booking platforms offer a convenient way to secure bus tickets.

Bus Terminals near Statue of Unity

  • The statue has a well-connected bus terminal, allowing easy access for visitors.

By Taxis

Taxis offer a convenient and comfortable option for reaching the Statue of Unity, providing a door-to-door travel experience. Here’s what you need to know:

Taxi Services

  • Taxis can be hired from airports, railway stations, and major cities to directly reach the Statue of Unity.
  • Prepaid taxi services are available at airports and railway stations for hassle-free transportation.

Online Cab Services

  • App-based cab services like Ola and Uber operate in the region, allowing travelers to book taxis conveniently.

Road Distance Chart to Statue of Unity

  • Mumbai: Approximately 500 kilometers.
  • Delhi: Approximately 1,100 kilometers.
  • Kolkata: Approximately 2,015 kilometers.
  • Chennai: Approximately 1,620 kilometers.
  • Bengaluru: Approximately 1,400 kilometers.
  • Hyderabad: Approximately 1,000 kilometers.
  • Jaipur: Approximately 850 kilometers.
  • Ahmedabad: Approximately 200 kilometers.
  • Pune: Approximately 550 kilometers.
  • Lucknow: Approximately 1,130 kilometers.
  • Koch: Approximately 1,830 kilometers.
  • Ranchi: Approximately 1,530 kilometers.
  • Dehradun: Approximately 1,320 kilometers.


The Statue of Unity, a symbol of unity and national pride, is easily accessible through multiple transportation modes. Whether you prefer the speed of flights, the scenic journey by train, the flexibility of buses, or the convenience of taxis, this guide provides comprehensive information to help you plan your visit. By choosing the most suitable mode of transportation, you can ensure a memorable and seamless journey to experience the grandeur of the Statue of Unity.

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