Prag Mahal – A Parable of French Artistry


if you are planning to spend your Holiday in Bhuj then visiting this iconic 19th-century Mahal is a must. standing right next to Aina Mahal, this place boasts of remarkable craftsmanship and an impeccable classical gothic architectural styles. this landmark palace has also been used as a shooting site for a number of Bollywood as well as Gujarati movies since this place has an otherworldly and surreal look to it.

The architecture of Prag Mahal

This incredible structure of Prag Mahal is built in a typical and classical Italian Gothic style architecture which draws a range of tourists and architecture enthusiasts. This palace was built by several Italian artisans as well as Kutch architects. They had employed the usage of the opulent Italian marble and red sandstone in its construction. Each detail of this palace is very finely made and preserved with great care even till present day.
Royal Palaces of Gujarat - Prag Mahal, Bhuj
Bhuj takes it as a compliment on its part that its walls could not resist the invasion of the tourists. True, Bhuj has evolved as a burgeoning tourist destination and defies the preconceived notion of being an arid western stretch of the state of Gujarat. The labyrinth of lanes and by lanes, the web of walls, the gorgeous gateways, the palaces and the pavilions and the terrific temples all together aid the burglary of any restraint of the spirit of traveling.

Bhuj is a treat to those who intend to taste Indian hospitality for this small town showcases a miniature India in terms of the rich culture and heritage teamed with warm hospitality of the people.

The Parenthesis for Prag Mahal

It was in the year 1879 that a beautiful palace was built by Rao Pagmal Ji II in the same compound as that of the splendid Aina Mahal. The peerless palace has strong resemblance with the European structural pattern. It is carved out of Italian marble and sandstone and is example of the masterly art of the artists of the period. But in spite of having an entirely European get up the palace sticks to the local traditions and the interiors are done with traditional furnitures. The palace is divided into several chambers and was occupied by members of the royal family. The gigantic palace hall reminds one of the picturesque Italian gothic styled castles but at the same time the courtyard and the stonework is so Indian, so it can be said that the Prag Mahal is a brilliant example of the confluence of the styles of two distinct nations. The bell tower is so English in its appearance and the entire city appears to be a perfect landscape from the top of the tower. If the tower is English the small temple at the courtyard is purely Indian.

You can visit the palace along with the Aina Mahal; the palace remains open from 9 am to 12 pm and 3 pm to 6 pm, round the year but except Saturdays.

The palace is huge and thus it takes time to cover the entire periphery of the palace. But it is worth spending hours here as it provokes nostalgia and sings the saga of a royal past.

Prag Mahal Timings
Hours: Opening: Closing:
Morning 9:30 AM 12:15 PM
Evening 3:00 PM 5:45 PM
Prag Mahal Entry Fee
Adults: Rs 20/-
Childs: Rs 10/-
School Group: Rs 5/-
College Group: Rs 10/-

Best Time to Visit

Situated in Bhuj, Prag Mahal the area experiences extremely hot and unbearable summer months. The best time to visit Prag Mahal is during the winter months of October to March when the temperature falls and the weather becomes cool, pleasant and comfortable for visitation.

How to Reach Here?

Be it by air, road or rail Bhuj is easily accessible by your chosen means of transport. Bhuj is well connected by air from major cities like Mumbai and Ahmedabad. If you intend to travel by rail then you will have to travel either to Palanpur or Gandhidham which in turn are connected with almost all major cities of India. Bhuj is also connected by road to Ahmedabad and other major cities Gujarat and Rajasthan.


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