Khodiyar Mandir Rajpara, Bhavnagar

The Khodiyar Mandir in Rajpara, Bhavnagar, stands as a revered Hindu temple with a rich history and significant cultural importance. Situated on the Bhavnagar-Rajkot highway in the quaint village of Rajpara, this temple has become a spiritual haven for devotees across India. Explore the detailed information about this sacred site, its history, rituals, and the plethora of offerings for the pilgrims.

Khodiyar Mandir Rajpara, Bhavnagar

Historical Background

Maharaja Wakhatsinghji Gohil’s Devotion

  • Maharaja Takht Singh Gohil, the ruler of Bhavnagar from 1748 to 1816, played a pivotal role in the construction of the Khodiyar Mandir.
  • Known for his unwavering devotion, he had a profound connection with Khodiyar Mata, prompting the construction of this sacred temple.

Divine Intervention and Temple’s Origin

  • Legend has it that Maharaja Vakhatsinhji prayed to Khodiyar Mata, who appeared in Sihor, asking him to lead the way without turning back.
  • Breaking his promise, the Maharaja turned around near Rajpara, and it is here that Khodiyar Mata decided to stay, leading to the establishment of the temple.

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Significance of Khodiyar Mata

Birth and Family of Khodiyar Mata

  • Khodiyar Mata is believed to be a warrior goddess born around 700 AD into the Charan caste.
  • She is the daughter of Mamad Ji Charan, blessed by Lord Shiva and Nagdev with seven sisters and a son, Mehrakiya.

Temples Across Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Mumbai

  • Khodiyar Mata has numerous temples dedicated to her, not only in Bhavnagar but also across Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Mumbai.
  • Each temple reflects the deep-rooted devotion and reverence for this powerful goddess.

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Temple Architecture and Features

Ropeway and Hilltop Shrine

  • The temple, located on the edge of Tataniya Wali Lake, features a ropeway connecting the base to a shrine on top of a hill.
  • This unique architectural element enhances the pilgrim experience and provides breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

Lapsi: Main Prasad of the Temple

  • Lapsi, a delectable dessert made from broken wheat, serves as the main prasad offered to the devotees.
  • The culinary offerings add a gastronomic dimension to the spiritual journey.

Pilgrimage Information

Best Time to Visit

  • November to February is considered the best period to visit the Khodiyar Mandir, offering pleasant weather for pilgrims.

How to Reach

  • By Road: Well-connected by frequent bus services from towns and cities across the state, including Rajkot (4 hours), Ahmedabad (5 hours), Vadodara (6 hours), and Palitana (2 hours).
  • By Train: Train connections to Ahmedabad and Mumbai are available with frequent services.
  • By Air: Bhavnagar Airport, approximately 3.5 km from the town, offers reasonable connectivity to major cities in India.

Detailed Exploration of Khodiyar Mandir

Spiritual Atmosphere and Devotee Experience

  • The temple exudes a spiritual ambiance, attracting devotees from all walks of life.
  • Rituals, prayers, and a serene environment contribute to a fulfilling and enriching experience for the pilgrims.

Temple Timings and Aarti Schedul

  • Morning: The temple opens at 5:00 AM for morning prayers.
  • Evening: Closing time is at 10:00 PM, providing ample time for devotees to seek blessings.
  • Special Occasions: On Purnima, the temple opens at 5:00 AM with evening Aarti at 7:00 PM.

Birth Story of Khodiyar Maa

Origin in Roishala Village

  • The birth story traces back to Roishala, a village near Bhavnagar in Saurashtra, Gujarat.
  • Mamiya Gadhvi’s prayers and Lord Shiva’s intervention paved the way for the birth of Khodiyar Mata.

Divine Solution in Nag Loka

  • Mamiya Gadhvi, facing challenges, was taken to Nag Loka by Lord Shiva for a divine solution.
  • Nag Devta blessed Mamadiya Gadhvi’s wife with seven daughters and a son, including Khodiyar Mata.

Facilities at Khodiyar Mandir, Rajpara

Accommodation and Dharamshala

  • The Khodiyar Mandir Trust provides two Dharmashala options for devotees traveling long distances.
  • The Dharamshala offers around 4 large halls accommodating 100 beds and approximately 50 AC and non-AC rooms.

Amusement, Food, and Medical Facilities

  • Amusement: The temple’s location at the Tataniya Dharo Lake offers a picturesque picnic spot, and there are rides for children.
  • Food: The Bhojanalaya provides free meals for up to 3,000 people at a time.
  • Medical Facilities: The temple has a hospital with doctors, an ambulance, and ramps for the handicapped.

Nearby Attractions


  • Sihor, one of the talukas of Bhavnagar, is about 7.4 km from Khodiyar Mandir.
  • Attractions include the 12th-century Brahma Kund and the Vijay Vilas Palace.


  • A significant Jain pilgrimage site, Palitana boasts around 1300 temples of Jain Saints.
  • The distance from Khodiyar Mandir Rajpara to Palitana is approximately 39.4 km.


  • The central city of Bhavnagar District offers attractions such as Bortalav lakefront, Gandhi Smruti, Nilambag Palace, and more.

Contact Information and How to Reach

Khodiyar Mandir Rajpara Contact Details

  • Address: Khodiyar Mata Mandir Rajpara Dham, Bhavnagar-Rajkot Highway, Bhavnagar.
  • Phone: 9662202020

Transportation Details

  • By Train: Khodiyar Mandir railway station is about 3 km from the temple.
  • By Air: Bhavnagar Airport is approximately 22 kilometers from the temple.
  • By Road: Reach Bhavnagar bus station and then use rickshaws or vehicles to reach Khodiyar Mandir.

In conclusion, the Khodiyar Mandir in Rajpara, Bhavnagar, unfolds a tale of devotion, divine intervention, and spiritual significance. Pilgrims and visitors alike find solace in the tranquil atmosphere, intricate rituals, and the captivating history that defines this sacred temple. Plan your visit to immerse yourself in the spiritual aura and explore the cultural tapestry woven around Khodiyar Mata.

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