Why is Gujarat the Most Recommended State for Medical Tourism?

Medical tourism is one of the rapidly emerging sectors in India not only because of its cost-effectiveness but also because of superb and world-class medical facilities offered to international patients coming from all around the world. If we look at the medical tourism rate in India then it can easily be concluded that a major portion of the medical tourism (estimated around 25 to 31%) is covered by Gujarat, the westernmost state of India. Gujarat is reckoned as a hub of medical tourism in the country as the city is dotted with various big and well-equipped hospitals, health care centers, and appealing tourist attractions and there are many more reasons which make Gujarat one of the most favorable and the best city to opt for medical tourism in India. The medical tourism policy of Gujarat was established in the year 2006 and since then the state has been working out on many projects and has achieved success in many of them.

Medical Tourism

Why is Gujarat called as One of the Best Cities for Medical Tourism in the Country?

Various reasons are supporting this question and some of the elaborated reasons are listed below:

The Top-Notch Infrastructure of the Treatment Centers and the Hospitals

Gujarat has been rewarded like the one of the most eminent and the valued place for medical treatments in our country. This industrial and commercial city houses a cluster of super-specialty hospitals, healthcare centers offering treatments at the most reasonable rates and this makes the state holding a major place in the medical tourism sector. Several patients are coming to the city from the other countries to endure the best medical treatments and then going back to their country with proper recovery. In Gujarat, all the hospitals including district hospitals, sub-district hospitals, and private hospitals offer their equal contribution to this niche tourism market.

Services and Policies Offered by the Government

After looking at the importance of the medical tourism sector, the Gujarat government is devoted to the sole aim of providing the best medical services to the visitors coming for the medical treatments. There are various projects designed by the state government to bring more enhancement in the medical policies and also there are many projects lined up and providing medical visas to the foreign patients is one of the most liked initiatives. Ambulance service at the doorstep is the other admiring initiative in the medical field which is aimed to offer the services at the time of emergencies and that also at the doorsteps. The best thing about this initiative is that it doesn’t only enhance the medical policies but also provide instant medical help to the patients at home.

Tourist Attractions in Gujarat

Tourist attractions play a major role in this rapidly emerging sector and scenic vistas of Gujarat is something that doesn’t require any sort of introduction as this western state is dotted with various sightseeing destinations. The state offers several attractions alluring tourists of every age group whether be a kid seeking for fun activities, adventurers looking for adventure activities, wildlife lovers can also quench their thirst here and also if you are a senior citizen looking for some religious experiences then you can make your visit to the temples standing tall in different regions of the state. These tourist places play a significant role in the high medical tourism rate in Gujarat.

Available Medical Facilities

the state offers holistic medicinal services that are very cost-effective and are available at almost every hospitals including, sub-district hospitals, district hospitals, and private hospitals. All kinds of treatments are available here whether it be Cardiology, Orthopedics, Infertility treatment, dental treatment, eye surgery, and cosmetic surgery. Additionally, there are separate hospitals where you get the treatment of TB, Leprosy, and Mental Illness that are located across the state.

Traditional Therapies as Complimentary

Tourists from all across the world come here not only for the modern treatment procedures but also for the traditional therapies provided here which includes treating patients through Yoga and meditation. Ayurvedic and Homeopathic treatment is also part of traditional treatment therapies. The doctors of these hospitals and health care systems are well-experienced and well-trained.

Ahmedabad which was earlier reckoned as a commercial hub is now transforming into a brilliant health care service providing not only in the state or the country but also for the entire globe.

Gujarat” is one of the most ambitious projects that are attributed to the enhancement of the medical facilities in the city.

to the statistics of the medical tourism in India it is fair to state that the medical facilities in India are very cost-effective as compared to other countries and especially the dental treatments is cheaper than any other foreign countries and even the Dental Insurance Coverage is also not covered at many of the places but in Gujarat it is easily available to the tourists. This makes it a bit more expensive in other countries too and this is why foreign patients prefer coming to India for their treatment. In India Aromatherapy and Naturo Therapy are also available in Gujarat and other parts of the country too.

Factors Behind High Medical Tourism Rate in Gujarat

The number of hospitals is increasing day by day in Ahmedabad, Surat, Gnadhinagar and other cities of the state so that patients coming to Gujarat should not face any issue and even the hospitals established here are equipped with all basic as well as modern amenities required for the particular treatment.

AYUSH (Ayurvedic, Unani, Siddhi, and Homeopathic) is the other great initiative in the field of medical tourism rate in Gujarat. Our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to make these old traditions of medical therapies very popular and famous all across the world and in this way various Ayurvedic and Homeopathic training centers are getting authorization from the government. The recent example of this initiation is the inauguration ceremony of Model Institute of Ayurvedic Science which is constructed with a budget of 500 crores at Kolvada. This health care center has a total of 400 beds installed inside the room.

There are various other projects and ideas lined up for the betterment of the medical field and practices in the state and to take the medical tourism rate of Gujarat to the next level in upcoming years.

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