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The coastline of Gujarat stretches to as long as 1666 kms and is adorned with some of the most scenic beaches of the country. For a tourist who loves to visit sea sides, Gujarat is indeed an ideal tourism destination. These beaches of Gujarat lets you unwind and relax in the company of immaculate, pristine nature far away from the chaos of the madding crowds of the city. You would have just enough of the sand and surf out there to indulge in mirthful frolics and fun activities. These are perfect places to laze away in the sun and gaze away your time by watching the sublime sea before you. There are innumerable beaches in Gujarat but only some of those beaches enjoy popularity among the tourist circuit. Some of the best beaches of Gujarat are listed below. Read on to learn more-

Mandvi Beach


Mandvi beach in Gujarat’s Kutch district is one of the most popular beaches of Gujarat in terms of tourist visit. The beach has golden yellow sand that presents a striking color contrast to the bluish emerald waters lashing out at the shores. One can indulge in several fun activities at Ahmedpur’s Mandvi beach. Surfing, skiing, speed boating, water scooting, parasailing are some of the options available to tourists. The serene ambiance of the beach makes it an ideal locale to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Mandvi beach lies in vicinity to city center and can be reached easily by hiring an auto rickshaw or cab. The accommodation options available at Mandvi beach range from posh beach resorts to budget cottages.

Things to Do – Visit the nearby Vijay Vilas palace which is a representation of the opulent architectural style and design. Take camel rides by the beach shore which is a unique experience.

Best Time to Visit – October to March

Dwarka Beach


The importance of Dwarka beach is enhanced a tenfold due to the presence of the sacred Dwarkadheesh temple or Jagat Mandir in close proximity. Dwarka beach is popular among tourists especially for its amazing marine life. It is not at unusual to spot marine animals like urchins, octopus, star fishes, jelly fishes, sea turtles and dolphins at this spot. Tourists can indulge in fun activities like swimming and scuba diving at the Dwarka beach.

Things to Do – There are several temples which surround the beach, you can pay a visit to temples like – Dwarkadhish temple, Nageshwar Jyotirlingas temples, the famous lighthouse and Rukmini temple.

Best Time to Visit – March to June

Chorwad Beach


Chorwad beach falls in Gujarat’s Junagadh district and in vicinity to the holy city of Somnath. This beach had been the vacation retreat for Junagadh’s Nawab once upon a time. His royal palace has now been made into a lavish resort. The beach consists in shimmering white sand and is studded with black boulders. This beach is unsuitable for swimming. But one can indulge in adventurous water sports like boat riding. The beach includes a quiet and scenic fishing hamlet. You can stroll to the hamlet and shop the best catch of the day for a delicious fish curry at dinner. Both posh resorts and budget hotels are available for stay.

Things to Do – Known for being a fishing hamlet you can stroll across the beach and shop for these fishes. Options for boat riding are available (due to the rough sea waters swimming is not allowed on this beach).

Best Time to Visit – April to July

Nagoa Beach


Nagoa beach of Daman-Diu is one of the most charming beaches of the country. Also, it is one of the safest beaches allowing tourists with a plethora of scopes of exciting activities such as jet skiing, swimming, knee board surfing, camel riding, pony riding etc. Nagoa beach stretches to vast expanses and is one of the lengthy beaches of the country. The beach is situated in Diu’s Bucharwada village and falls within the Nagoa hamlet of the village. It is a wonderful experience to stroll around on this pristine, palm-fringed and white sandy beach. As the cool breeze brushes against your body, your senses are soothed right away.

Things to Do – Visit the nearby iconic and extremely unique shell museum, go for a visit at the wonderful Gangeshwar temple, Naida caves are a must visit.

Best Time to Visit – March to July.

Gopnath Beach


Gopnath beach falls in Gujarat’s Bhavnagar district and is adorned with the most breath-taking beauty of nature. The beach is enriched with marvelous fauna and flora and limestone cliffs jutting out from amid the sand give the beach a real gorgeous look. This beautiful beach had been the vacation retreat of Bhavnagar king; Maharaja Krishna Kumar Sinhji in the yesteryears. Bird watching is one activity you can indulge in at the Gopnath beach. Also you can set out on a sightseeing tour and visit places like Talaja Jain temple, Gopnath temple, Alang.

Things to Do – Bird watching is the primary activity which takes place in the beach. You can also marvel at the rich collection of the flora and fauna which dots the entire beach.

Best Time to Visit – October to March

Ghoghla Beach


Ghogla beach falls in the north of the Diu town and is a quite popular Diu beach. At Ghogla beach you can laze away your time slouching on the golden sand and taking a warm sun bath. Adventure activities like parasailing, surfing etc are also available at the beach to give you a sufficient rush of the adrenaline.

Things to Do – Sun bathing is a popular activity on this beach. Adventure watersports activities like parasailing, surfing etc also takes place here.

Best Time to Visit – March to July

Tithal Beach


Tithal beach is situated in south Gujarat’s Valsad. The beach comes with black sand and that gives the beach a unique identity setting it apart from all the other beaches of Gujarat. Two important temples; temple of Swami Narayan and that of Sai Baba adorn this serene beach. This beach makes an ideal weekend getaway for the visitors. Some of the activities you could indulge in at the Tithal beach include parasailing, swimming and fishing.

Things to Do – You can visit the two temples which adorn this beach which are Swami Narayan and Sai baba Mandir. People can also indulge in parasailing, swimming and fishing.

Best Time to Visit – June and July

Somnath Beach


Somnath beach is a serene beach with golden sand and is only 10 mins drive away from Veraval. The beach is adorned with the sacred and magnificent Somnath Jyotirlingam temple of Lord Shiva. Thunderous waves dashing at the shores and breaking into milky lather will make you gape with awe at the sublime beauty of the beach and the sea.

Things to Do – Witness the grand and majestic sun rise or sun set whose beauty remains unmatched. People can also indulge in eating some of the most delicious available food items and eateries which line the border of the beach.

Best Time to Visit – March to June

Shivrajpur Beach


Shivrajpur beach is located about 10kms away from the Dwarka city. Silvery sand, bluish sea and the sublime view of the horizons impart the beach with its characteristic beauty and prove to be rejuvenating enough for the mind and the soul. To promote tourism at the beach, the beach management department has introduced several awesome water sports plus food courts on this beach.

Things to Do – Being the least commercialized beach of Gujarat this is the ideal place if you are looking for a peaceful and quiet time by the water.

Best Time to Visit – April to September

Okha Madhi Beach


Okha Madhi beach falls on the way between Dwarka and Jamnagar. The other name for Okha Madhi beach is Bechtel beach. The beach is quite extensive and is remarkably neat and tidy. Colorful coral reefs seen through the crystal clear sea waters, the golden sand, the noisy waves all transform the beach into a place of heavenly beauty. This beach is simply perfect to relax and shake off the languor of an otherwise hectic life.

Things to do – Go for a long walk on the beach side. Relax on the fine sands and unwind under the sun with soothing wave sounds in the background. Witnessing the sun rise or the sunset from this beach is truly a treat for the visitors.

Best Time to Visit – May to October

Sarkeshwar Beach

Sarkeshwar Beach

Situated bordering the Amreli and Junagadh district, near the southern tip Saurashtra, close to Diu is one of the most attractive and fun getaway options in Gujarat. The clear blue sea water and the silky sand beaches attract a number of tourists seeking for some peace of mind and some quiet. The beach lies in the shallow waters and is host to a number of water adventure sports activities. The rich blue and turquoise backdrop of the beach replicates a never ending horizon.

Things to Do – There are several water sports activities which take place on that beach, engulf yourself in the tranquility of your surroundings.

Best Time to Visit – May to July.

Balachadi Beach

Balachadi Beach

Located at a comfortable distance of 26 kms away from the bustling city life of Gujarat is a quiet oasis of deep blue sea and an unending horizon. Balachadi beach is one of the most popular and sought after getaway options for people looking to unwind and take a break from the maddening crowds. One of the most crowded and fun packed night at the beach is during the night of full moon. The bright natural white moonlight gives the entire ocean a glimmering and an almost surreal vibe which is a sight to behold.

Things to Do – Relax by the rhythmic sound of the waves, indulge in some delicious street food which is served by the periphery of the beach, take pictures of the beautiful surroundings.

Best Time to Visit – May to September

Porbandar Beach

Roaring waves at Porbandar Beach

Located between Dwarka and Veraval, this beach is among one of the most popular tourist attractions in Gujarat. The ancient port which is located right by the beach gives the entire beach an atmosphere of the bygone era. This place also has a religious significance since this is believed to be the spot where Sudama – Lord Krishna’s best friend from childhood, was born. The ancient seawall which still remains majestically forms one of the most impressive backdrops for the entire beach.

Things to Do – Go for sightseeing activities in the nearby areas since the entire area is surrounded by numerous age old monuments and temples among other popular historical centres.

Best Time to Visit – March – June

Positra Beach

Positra Beach

This splendid beach of Gujarat is famed for being extremely peaceful and quiet where one can go if they want to reconnect with themselves and forget about the ever growing madness of the city life. It is vital for every tourist and visitor to take permission from the Gujarat forest department in order to be allowed inside the beach premises.

Things to Do – You can go shopping for Bandhani handicrafts and products, brass products and other local items which are present around the beach. You can also just kick back and relax by the quiet beach side.

Best Time to Visit – October to March

Chowpatty Beach

Chowpatty Beach, Porbandar, Gujarat

This popular destination among local Gujarat beach lovers receives a throng of visitors on a daily basis. Located at a walking distance from the main city area of Porbandar this scenic beach has gained extreme popularity for its mesmerizing vistas. One can witness numerous boats and ships which line the horizon of this splendid beach. One can also go there during night time when visitors are treated with the sights of sea ports.

Things to Do – Take a mind clearing stroll by the edges of the beach on the walking area. The entire border of the beach is lined with a number of food stalls and eateries offering authentic Gujarati street food. Give your taste buds a treat!

Best Time to Visit – October to March

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