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This ancient city is deemed for being one of the holiest cities in the world and is famous as the kingdom of lord Krishna. Situated right next to the pristine Gomti River this first capital of Gujarat is visited by devout Hindus from all over the world. The place’s rich and glittering historical background is well preserved here and is a cradle of civilisation. The visit to Dwarka remains incomplete without an exploration of Bet Dwarka which is an island located in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Dwarka. There are so many things that is mysterious and lesser known about this charming place that going here will be a vacation of a lifetime.

Location: West India

Best Time to Visit:

The best time to visit Dwarka will be during the winter season when the temperatures have fallen down and the overall weather is cool and pleasant. Dwarka is rich in historical and religious sites so if you go there you must go to all these must visit sites which will only be possible if you plan your trip during the months of October to March. Summer in Dwarka is extremely hot and humid which makes exploration during this time very difficult and uncomfortable. Monsoon season sees the oncoming of cool breeze, winds and random showers this is also a good option if you want to have an experience free of tourists but it is also an off season for tourists.

Why Visit Dwarka?:

Dwarka houses some of the most iconic and legendary temples right from the Char Dham temple of Dwarkadheesh to the unique and beautiful Bhadkeshwar Mahadev temple this place is one of the most amazing places to have a spiritual experience. This guide to Dwarka will enable you to have a wholesome time here and plan your holiday by browsing through the timings, history, must visit places etc. there is no dearth of places for a curious tourist to travel and explore. Apart from just the temples there are several things that you can do here and indulge in fun activities.

  • 24°C to 45°C

    (April to June)

  • 21°C to 35°C

    (July to September)

  • 10°C to 25°C

    (October to February)

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