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Gujarat Expert Privacy policy

Gujarat expert respect the right to privacy of every customer. The Gujarat expert privacypolicy enables every user to learn all about how their personal information and other relateddata will be used and where. By personal information we are referring to any sort of personalinformation that the user will be providing usw, this includes, name, age, sex, email address,contact details, date of birth, credit / debit card information and toher such relatedinformation that you will be sharing with the company during the course of booking. Thecompany would like to let you know that we follow all the latest and updated securitymeasures according to industry standards.

Gujarat expert is not involved in selling or renting out personal information of our clients andusers to any third party without the customer’s consent.

These are the circumstances under which the user’s customer information will be usedby the company:

  • The company will only be sharing the information after getting the customer’s fullconsent.
  • In case the company needs to share the customer’s information in order to completeservices like providing products or services.
  • It is vital for the company to share the customer’s information with service partnersand agents so that we are able to respond to your queries and comments or evenresolve service related issues. The partners and those associated with the companyhave no right whatsoever to share the customer’s personal information on anyoccasion other than to respond to their comments in case of problem resolution.
  • The customer’s personal information like name, age, contact details etc. will only beshared with the company’s relevant service providers like associated accommodationand transportation service providers with the sole motive of confirming the bookingand reservation.
  • All the financial information like credit card, debit card, net banking etc will becollected directly by the payment gateway portals and not by the website Gujaratexpert. Although if it still happens to retain this information somehow then this willremain secured internally and will never be shared with anyone.
  • The company will be sharing the personal information in case there is any queryrequest from an Indian or foreign government or agency officer for security reasonsrelating to imigration or customs.
  • The personal information will be shared by the company in case the company has torespond to the court orders during various legal proceedings and other related courtmatters.
  • Various personal information like personal contact may be used in case ofpromotional activity or with the intention of market study.

Securing of personal information:

Gujarat expert use the standard regulations to protect your personal information. Thecompany involves the use of the best administrative and technical security measures that aimat protecting all the personal data and information of the customer from unauthorisedpersonnel gaining access to this information.

Current privacy policy amends:

The current set of privacy policy by gujarat expert is susceptible to changes and amendmentsin the future. If these changes are made or updated then the date of these changes will be dulycited on the website. Remember to keep a regular check on the date of updation of theprivacy policy so that you understand the policy better. When you give back your personalinformation to us, the policy that was existing at that time will be applicable. If the companymakes any changes in the privacy policy after the exchange, then this will not be entertainedin that situation.

Please note:

  • Gujarat expert contains various links that connect the users to various other websitesjust by clicking on it. Once the user is directed to that particular website, the companyhas no responsibility or any sort of liability or whatsoever. The company advises thecustomer to go through that particular website’s terms and conditions.
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