Flora and Fauna of Gujarat

The landmass of Gujarat is host to a varied plethora of ecosystems that exists in peace with the natural surroundings here. The myriad of wildlife collection here allows you to have a closer look at one of the most diverse range of biospheres here. an incredible number of flora and fauna have been found surviving here in various different habitats which is well preserved and maintained to ensure that the future of natural beauty in Gujarat remains intact and our future generations are thankful for the conservation efforts here. With an aim of safekeeping this lush and thriving ecosystems that forms the wildlife of Gujarat, a number of national parks and sanctuaries have been established over a period of time that has made Gujarat one of the most green and adventurous tourist destinations in India. The terrain of Gujarat consists of rivers systems, grasslands, deciduous forests, amazing vegetation opportunities, forms one of the most spectacular selection of wildlife in Gujarat. The climate conditions here are so favourable that some of the rarest species of lions, black buck and the great Indian Bustard are found only here and rarely anywhere else in the world. One of the best parts which should not be overlooked is the presence of a wide variety of exotic birds’ species that cover the region making it a paradise for bird watchers. The entire geography of Gujarat is a rich store of one of the most diverse plethora of flora and fauna.


Fauna of Gujarat

Palaeontologists have found dinosaur egg hatcheries in the 1980s and the fossil remains of around 13 different species of Balasinor. One of the most important finds here has been that of Rajasurus Narmadensis who belonged to the cretaceous period. The entire region is home to around 500 different mammals along with over 2,000 astounding bird species complete with a diverse range of insects, fishes, reptiles, amphibians etc. all this put together makes this western most state of India one of the richest destinations for wildlife viewing. Some of the animal collections here include – black bucks, nilgai, chitals, Asiatic lions, hyenas, rusty spotted cats, wild boar etc. the place is also home to an abundant number of other animals like snakes, lizards, crocodiles, bees, scorpions, silkworms etc. the forests of Gujarat are laden with different types of birds like – peacock, parrots, pheasants, geese ducks, cranes etc. truly a paradise for nature lovers and bird watchers.


Flora of Gujarat

Gujarat not only boasts of an incredible fauna collection but it also houses some of the most mind-boggling collection of fauna and vegetation which is relevant to its climate type. You can witness 400 different species of flora. Due to the climatic conditions here it is home to the largest dry deciduous forest in the entire western region of India. The tree cover includes trees like teak, diospyros, Boswellia serrata etc. the arid climate works perfectly in helping the growing of xerophytic vegetation cover as well like acacia arabica, Capparis Ophylla, Zizyphus Mauratiana etc. this goes on to prove that Gujarat is indeed a very diverse land with a variety of mesmerising and unique categories of flora and fauna.

Places to Observe the Flora and Fauna of Gujarat

  • Gir National Park – Established in the year 1956 this large tract of dry deciduous forest functions as the only home for the endangered Asiatic lions and is one of the most famous tourist destinations in India. Covered in dense forests, teak trees, semi green floral flowers, acacia shrubs etc. 400 species of plants cover this massive area. You can view various animals here like antelope, nilgai, chital, chinkara, lions, pythons, crocodiles etc. it is also a famous hub spot for a massive variety of avifauna collection like vultures, hawk eagle, fish owl, bush quail etc. the place is truly a mind boggling experience.
  • Narayan Sarovar Wildlife Sanctuary – Situated in the surreal district of Kachchh and famous for housing the magnificent endangered species of chinkara, the sanctuary has also opened its doors to a massive number of other threatened species of plants and animals. The wildlife here displays the perfect blend of desert and sea side ecosystems making it’s the perfect destination for nature lovers people looking to explore offbeat locations in Gujarat.
  • Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary – This is the perfect place to spot some of the most mind-blowing selection of birds species. This is also the largest wetland sanctuary in Gujarat and it attracts a plethora of exotic species of migratory birds which can go to as high as 250. Apart from this you can even explore the wonderfully whimsical sanctuary of Porbandar which is also famous for its picturesque beauty. During the peak seasons you will be able witness the sky and the marshland trees covered in colourful birds. You must add this place in your travel bucket list.
  • Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary – Established during 1979 and as the name suggests this place is primarily set up with the purpose of providing a conservation area of the great Indian bustard. The region is drought prone and remains semi-arid throughout the year which is the perfect situation for the bustards to thrive. the vegetation region of the sanctuary is traversed with grasslands which are home to the wonderful selection of flora and fauna. Here you can witness all the 3 incredible types of bustards which is a rare sight to behold during your visit to Gujarat.
  • Velavadar Black Buck National Park – As the name suggests this incredible grassland national park is home to the rare and endangered species of black bucks in India. Situated in close proximity to Gir national park, this place is known for being the 2nd largest home for wildlife in Gujarat. If you happen to visit this place then you will be able to have a closer look at these magnificent creatures in a more closer manner in their natural surroundings.
  • Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary – Initially spread out in an area of just 150 kms and later extended four times its initial size, the sanctuary is home to an astounding collection of endangered flora and fauna that are prone to extinction. Located all along the reserves of the salt water this place is an oasis for animals from the hunters and poachers. The brackish water in the salt reserves here allows the marine life to thrive. the place is a stunning piece of natural beauty and welcomes you into a world of astounding protected region.

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