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Did you know that about one tenth of Gujarat’s total geographical area is covered in forests? The diversity of Gujarat’s terrain varies from moist grasslands to arid salt marshes and coastal shores. These seemingly diverse terrains house such staggering array of wildlife species accounting for much of the biodiversity not just the state but our entire nation is proud of. Gujarat’s Gir Forests is home to, sadly the only home there is, the majestic Asiatic Lions. The lion population of Gir forests is the only lion population left in Asia that lives in their natural habitats. Make no mistake; Lions are not the only animals to roam free in the wilderness of the land of Gujarat. In fact, the state boasts of over four national parks and twenty one wildlife sanctuaries. That’s why for wildlife enthusiasts and animal lovers, there’s no place like Gujarat. If it’s an exploration of wild animals in their natural environment that Is your idea of an ideal vacation, you need not think twice before packing your holiday shoes and heading to Gujarat.

The once abundantly found species of blackbuck which fell prey to the dangers of endangerment finds safe home along with striped hyena and local wolves in the Blackbuck National Park in Velavadar. Marine National Park of Gulf of Kutch offers home to the fragile ecosystem of coral reefs. Vansda National Park protects deciduous forests, ‘katas’ bamboo groves as well as the unique cultural flavors of tribals who consider the forests as their home. Nature lovers also flock to Kutch Desert Wildlife sanctuary, Barda Wildlife sanctuary, Jambughoda wildlife sanctuary, Kutch Bustard sanctuary, Nal Sarovar Bird sanctuary, Gaga wildlife sanctuary and Purna wildlife sanctuary among many others. Wheresoever does your heart lead you toward in the land that is home to such myriad species of flora and fauna, know that our tour packages would perfectly complement your every expectation of adventure, excursion, nature immersion and wildlife education. Read more about each of the national parks and drop in a query and we will assist you with planning a wonderful trip!