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Pania Wildlife Sanctuary

Pania Wildlife Sanctuary

Tourists, photographers, and naturalists interested in seeing exotic varieties of deer or antelope, will love the Pania wildlife sanctuary. It is the “Chinkara” that is also called as Indian gazelle which has made this sanctuary famous. Pania wildlife sanctuary is the best dwelling for chinkara as it provides fodder in abundance.

This sanctuary is located in Amreli, in the state of Gujarat, India. Full of steep rocks and wavy landscape and wild grass coverage over an area of 39.63 square kilometers, this sanctuary is the extension of Gir Forest. Another electrifying and breath-taking creature walking with its full glory can also be spotted there….the magnificent lion. Pania wildlife sanctuary is the extension of Gir wildlife sanctuary, nevertheless, Pania wildlife sanctuary is especially a ground for chinkaras and antelopes to move freely….apart from Asiatic lions.


Address: – Pania Wildlife Sanctuary, Amreli, Gujarat, India
District: – Amreli
Phone: – 0279-225044
Sanctuary Area: – 39.64 Square Kilometers


Proper care should be taken to increase temperatures in summer to 45 degree Celsius and to avoid any kind of illness. Winter, in turn, is very happy with the average temperature up to 12 degrees Celsius.


Pania wildlife sanctuary was named in the year 1989. Before its declaration as a sanctuary, it was “Chanchai” and “Pania” forest broadly classified as “Jagiri Forest”. It is an extended part of Gir forest. This sanctuary due to desiccated weather conditions and non-appearance of the natural water source makes it an apt place for grass and vegetation growth in abundance, thus making it a favorable place for chinkaras.

The Gir wildlife sanctuary draws the borders of Pania in the south and east, and the elevation of Chanchai towers in the north-west direction creates a suitable ground for the chinkaras to dwell here.

What is it Famous For

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Pania wildlife sanctuary is famous for chinkaras, but you can also check out different animals like – lion, blue bull, spotted deer, wild boar, leopard, hyena, wild cat, civet cat, antelopes bearing four horns, pangolin, pythons, peafowl, porcupine, desert cat, fox etc. Apart from these beasts, the forest is home to various exotic plants and trees. Trees like bamboo, modal or planned Lannea coromandelica, salad or browallia serata, ashitro or bauhinia, home or leukoplakia, khakhra or Butea monosperma, desi bevel or acacia nilotica, dodo or wrightia tinctoria are some of the varieties. Different varieties of grasses are also found here. The mild and calm hills of Chanchai are in agreement of the undisturbed scene of this area. Even though the king of the jungle and other carnivorous beasts enter this area, you will find the chinkaras moving freely around in their dwellings. This is a good place for observing nature in its crude form. While driving around this small area, you can watch different tiny creatures or animals shying around from you and the gigantic beast lazing around in the course wilderness….opportunities for nature watching, photography and be soaking in the natural beauty are plentiful. Plenty of endangered species are also the part of Pania wildlife sanctuary though it’s very difficult to catch a glimpse of them as they don’t come out usually. If you take on the services of a forest guide in Pania…then the chances of spotting rare/ endangered species are increased as a forest guide can give you appropriate guidance.

How to Reach

Pania wildlife sanctuary is in Amreli District and is easily accessible from Amreli and Dhari. If you are traveling by air, then the nearest airport is at Rajkot which is located 150 kilometers away from this sanctuary. You can also land at Porbandar airport which is just 5 kilometers away. Visavdar is the closest bus stop situated 10 kilometers away from the sanctuary. The closest railway station to Pania wildlife sanctuary at Amreli are Visavdar and Dhari located at a distance of 10 kilometers and 35 kilometers respectively. You can also visit this beautiful wildlife sanctuary catching private taxis, buses or arrange your own vehicles. The bus depot is 10 kilometers away from this wildlife sanctuary.

Best Time to Visit

The crude lavishness of nature displaying the splendor of the Pania wildlife sanctuary can be best enjoyed during the period between monsoons and winters. During the summers the temperature rises to around 45 degrees Celsius… this would not be a convenient time to visit. Winters are quite pleasant and the temperature records up to 12 degrees Celsius. The monsoon marks the abundance of greenery throughout the sanctuary which creates a soothing landscape for the eyes to watch. So, the best time to visit the sanctuary is between monsoons and the winter season.

Things to Do

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The main attraction in Pania wildlife sanctuary is the chinkaras and the antelopes. The beasts from the Gir forest also frequent this area. The trees and the grasses also play an important role and the diversity of flora attracts many botanists. But apart from wildlife watching, you can also visit the nearby places which are quite famous. Some of the places located near Pania Wildlife sanctuary are the Nagnath Temple, Bhimnath Temple, Tapovan temple, The Rajmahal, Rokadia Hanuman, Gayatri Mandir, Kamnath mandir, Khodiyar temple, Balaji Hanuman, Hanumanpara road, Kamnath Mahadev, New Khijadia etc.

Things of Note

Sufficient water and food should be taken while you are on a safari. There is a restriction on photography to some extent; smoking is prohibited as it is definitely harmful to the creatures there. Travelers are expected to respect the dwelling home of the wild animals and should be conscious of their environment. Carrying pets are not allowed inside the sanctuary. Travelers are requested to read the rulebook of the sanctuary and refrain from getting close to the animals.

Food and Accommodation

A number of homestays are there in the Amreli district. You will get delicious local food in homestays. You can also stay in Rajkot or Porbandar as there are many decent hotels.


Pania wildlife sanctuary is a place where animal lovers find peace and relaxation. This wildlife sanctuary is one of the best guardian wildlife sanctuaries in India. The diversity of flora and fauna is really mind-blowing and the animals living here are divided into sections for better preservation and breeding. Overall, this is a wonderful place which you should visit at least once in your lifetime.

Pania Wildlife Sanctuary in Amreli Map

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