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The 108th of 108 Divyadeshams of Vishnu. One among Sapt Puri (the holy cities of Hinduism). The holy city bearing remnants of Lord Krishna’s rule over it in Treta Yuga. Dwaraka’s mythological, historical, religious and cultural importance can fill the volumes of many a saga.

A visit to the vibrant, culturally and ecologically rich state of Gujarat is incomplete without including Dwarka in your schedule. We have crafted tour itineraries that let you visit Dwaraka along with the other major must-visit attractions of the state. Let your bhakti Bhava finds culmination with visits to Dwarkadheesh Temple along with Jyotirlinga at Somnath Temple. Even better, include Nageshwar Jyotirlinga also in your itinerary and call it one beautiful pilgrimage into the western shores of India.  Talking of pilgrimages of Gujarat, how can we exclude inviting you to join us on a much revered Panch Dwaraka Tour? Or if it’s nature that beckons you, let yourself immerse in the wonders of wilderness at Gir National Park along with Dwaraka. Or enjoy the quietude evoked by the rhythmic cadence of waves beating continually against the shores of Dwaraka. Whatsoever be your idea of a perfect vacation in Gujarat – pilgrimage, sightseeing, nature-love, historical excursion or cultural immersion, we have a perfectly crafted tour itinerary just for you.