Vital Facts about Sanskruti Kunj Fair

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Vital Facts about Sanskruti Kunj Fair

Sanskruti Kunj Fair held in the state capital of Gandhinagar each year is one such effort to exhibit culture in all its richness and vivacity. The nomenclature that this annual event has is actually a combination of two words; ‘Sanskruti’ meaning ‘’culture’ and ‘Kunj’ meaning ‘hub’.

Thus, Sanskruti Kunj fair is a spectacular cultural hub set up annually to uphold the richness of various cultures spread across the length and breadth of our country. Sanskriti Kunj fair is often referred to as the state’s spring festival or ‘Basant Mahotsava’ as it aptly celebrates the joyous spirit associated with the onset of spring. Each year this unique festival is celebrated in the February month with enough pomp and enthusiasm. The venue of the fair is-

Indorada village, JH Road; near Sarita Udhyan, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

What is Sanskruti Kunj Fair all About?

Sanskruti Kunj

This cultural hub may better be defined as a composite craft village set up under the initiative of the state cultural department and the enthusiastic young generation residing in the state of Gujarat. The fair spans across 10 days and mainly showcases the folk culture of the state along with that of the neighboring states like Maharashtra, Goa, and Rajasthan.

During the daytime, artwork and crafts are exhibited and sold while during the nighttime dance program, music and drama shows are organized. These cultural performances usually begin from 7.30pm in the evening. Each night the fair hosts different and unique lineup of adroit performers coming from the various states of our country. Thus, each night the Sanskruti Kunj fair offers one with a plethora of unique experiences and if you can at all manage to visit the fairgrounds more than once you must do the same. The fair allows entry to visitors from 2pm until 10pm at night.

The venue of the fair is located along the river banks of River Sabarmati and has an area of about 12 hectares. The area bears a sturdy, landscaped stage and features a tri-directional sitting arrangement for the audience who visit the fair in the evening time to enjoy the cultural programs.

Things to expect at the Sanskruti Kunj Fair-

  1. Good scope to explore craft industry and scope for crafts shopping.
  2. Scope to enjoy mind-blowing cultural programs; dance and music.
  3. Scope to enjoy plenty of yummy Gujarati food at the various Gujarati shops/stalls that are put up.

How to reach the Sanskruti Kunj Fair

Those who wish to avail the flight route may take a flight to Ahmadabad’s Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport; the airport lying nearest to the city of Gandhinagar.

Those who wish to avail the train route can reach Ahmadabad station by making a train journey. Ahmadabad station is the nearest railhead to Gandhinagar. Once you have reached Ahmadabad you can easily reach the fair by taking a cab. It is just 27kms away from Ahmadabad and takes only half an hour to reach. Those wishing to travel by the road route may take buses from any other city of Gujarat to reach Gandhinagar which boasts of a well-developed road network. Also, there are National Highways like NH 8A and NH8C connecting the host city Gandhinagar to some of the cities of the neighboring state. Thus, reaching the Sanskruti Kunj fair isn’t much of an issue.

Travel Tips for Visitors

When you are visiting the fair, you must keep the following travel tips in mind so as to enjoy the fair to the fullest. Read on to learn more-

  1. Keep the fair program schedule handy so as to avoid confusion and be present at the fair on time and for the particular cultural presentation, you are looking forward to.
  2. Reach the fairground much ahead of time in order to avoid pushing and jostling amid crowd.
  3. Do some prior research about the prices of goods sold at the fair and of course don’t forget to bargain in order to buy them at the best prices.
  4. Don’t forget to sample the lips smacking street food of Gujarat such as khaman dhokla, khakra, samosa, kulfi, chat, dal vada and the like.
Sanskruti Kunj Festival 2020 Dates

Festival Shall be Start From :

Feb 25, 2023-> Odissi Dance , Odisha
Feb 26, 2023-> Bhangraa – Punjab
Feb 27, 2023-> Mayur Dance – UP
Feb 28, 2023-> Bihu Danch – Assam
Feb 29, 2023 -> Manipuri Dance – Manipur
March 1, 2023-> Purulia Chhau Dance- WB
March 2, 2023-> Bharat Natyam Dance – TN
March 3, 2023-> Kathhkali Dance- Kerala
March 4, 2023-> Rouf Dance – J&K
March 5, 2023-> Gotipua Dance – Odisha

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