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Akshardham temples are spread out all across the length and breadth of the Indian subcontinent. One such opulent and elaborately designed temples of Akshardham is situated in the Gandhinagar district of Gujarat. This large and affluent temple complex is built over duration of 13 long years. Built from the pink sandstone and spread out over an area of 23 acres this beautifully created masterpiece work of architecture draws a lot of visitors and spiritual seekers from all over the world seeking their enlightenment. The importance of Swaminarayan lies in the fact that it is a hub for the followers of Swaminarayan whose souls are supposed to be residing in Akshardham after passing away.

Location: West India

Best Time to Visit :

Winter month of October to March is considered as the best time to visit when the temperature is down and it is the best time to go out and explore the interesting tourist places and temples. This is also the time when the tourism increases. The monsoon time is extremely pleasant and the region gets covered in showers. Travelling to Akshardham should be avoided during the months of summer due to hot and humid climatic conditions which makes sightseeing very difficult and unpleasant.

Why Visit Akshardham? :

It is not just a temple complex it also houses some fun features like IMAX theatre featuring stories and life of Swaminarayan which is sure a fun experience. You can even take look into the rich Indian history’s epic and legendary writings of Upanishads, scriptures etc at the exhibitions halls here. it is not just a temple where you go and pray to an idol but here you have a complete spiritual and knowledgeable experience while doused in a deep sense of devotion as well.

  • 25°C to 42°C

    (April to June)

  • 20°C to 35°C

    (July to September)

  • 12°C to 28°C

    (October to February)

Akshardham Temple

Akshardham Temple

Temple Architecture

Temple Architecture

Akshardham History

Akshardham History