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Bala Hanuman Mandir in Jamnagar

Shri Bala Hanuman Mandir, one of the most ancient temples and one of the best places of tourist attraction was established around 1963-64 by the great saint Shri Prembhikshuji Maharaj. The temple is the most popular temple of Jamnagar, Gujarat as its name is in the famous Guinness Book of world record because of the chanting of ‘Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram’. The spectacularly designed temple has been the place for constant holy chanting for the past 54 years.


The temple stands on the southeastern shore of the Ranmal Lake or Lakhota Lake in the Jamnagar city of Gujarat.


Bala Hanuman Mandir in Jamnagar

There is a history of the Bala Hanuman Temple Jamnagar. Shri Prem Bhushan Ji Maharaj was the man who established the Bala Hanuman temple during the years 1963-64. For this reason, the “ram dhun” is chanted in the name of Shri Prem Bhushan Ji Maharaj in many places. This temple is considered as one of the oldest ones that he has built.

Jamnagar itself is a history which dates way back to 1540 A.D. Jamnagar is also called as “Nawanagar” meanings “new city”. It was built by Shri Jam Raval who was a descendant of Jam Halla, regarded as one of the heirs of Lord Krishna. Apart from Bala Hanuman Mandir, Jamnagar is also famous for many other temples such as Kileshwar temple, Bhidbhanjan temple, Sidhnath Mahadev Temple etc. This city is beautifully designed with good roads and mesmerizing gardens and at one time in the past was also famously called as “Jewel of Kathiyawad”.

Shri Prem Bhushan Ji, in the later stages of his life, became a saint (sanyas). He was the person who started the tradition of Akhand which is the chanting of “Ram Nama” at Jamnagar and this tradition gradually spread across various areas of Dwarka, Porbandar, Rajkot, Junagadh and many more. The Bala Hanuman temple has the blend of aesthetic devotion. The atmosphere of purity and sanctity attracts pilgrims all over the world.

Temple Timings

The temple opens at 6.00am in the morning and closes at 9.00pm in the night. It is open for visitors all through the week.

Best Time to Visit

Pilgrims and tourists from all over the world are attracted to this devotional temple. There are different timings for different occasion every week which is otherwise known as Darshan Timing. The Darshan Timing of every week are- Mangal Darshan on Sundays at 6 am, Shangar Darshan on Mondays at 6.30 am, Mangala Aarti at Tuesdays at 7 am, Raj Bhog on Wednesdays at 12.00 pm, Utthapan on Thursdays at 4.30  pm, Sandhya Aarti on Fridays at 7.00 pm and Shayan Darshan on Saturdays at 10.00 pm.

How to Reach

Another reason for Bala Hanuman Temple to be a place of famous tourist attraction is its location with respect to transport. This temple can be accessed with all sorts of transportation system i.e. by rail, road and by air. By road, there are various state transport buses and private luxury coaches available that connect Jamnagar with various centres of Gujarat, by rail, the nearest railway station is the Hapa railway station which is 28 km away from the temple and by air if you wish to travel, you need to fly to Keshod airport that lies nearest to the temple

Where to Stay

The ideal places to stay during the visit to Bala Hanuman Temple are –

  1. The Hotel Regency located on the Pandit Nehru Marg at Valkeshwari is a very reasonable place to stay with spacious rooms and delicious eatables.
  2. Hotel Hanuman at Belgaum also offers well-suited accommodation at very attractive rates. It is a special place for its soothing atmosphere and advantageous position near the temple.
  3. Hotel Viraj Inn at Jamnagar is known for its excellent service and impeccable room qualities.

Places of Interest
Some of the places of interest near Bala Hanuman Temple Jamnagar are:

  1. The Bhidbhanjan temple is also a popular place to visit if you are planning to visit the Bala Hanuman temple. It is a divine place of Lord Shiva and is known for its famous architecture with the blend of western influence.
  2. The Dwarkadhish temple, another important pilgrimage destination is worth paying a visit. It is a holy place of Lord Dwarkadhish or Lord Krishna. It is also famously called as Jagat Mandir. Its peaceful atmosphere indulges the feelings of divinity through peace offerings.
  3. The BAPS Shri Swaminarayan temple at Indira Marg is yet another famous spot to visit. The effective management of the preparation of the daily meal is what which attract lots of tourists here. People also come here to visit its wonderful structure of innate beauty.

The temple is in of Bala Hanuman, as the name suggests is for Lord Hanuman. Come here and visit the devotional temple and feel the love of Lord Hanuman to Lord Rama and Sita.

Shri Bala Hanuman Mandir Map

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