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Located in close proximity to the Rajasthan border this holy temple is one of the most significant Shaktipeeth destination for devout Hindus. Ambaji temple is also famous for being one of the most ancient and sacred temples in India. The presiding deity here is that of Amba Mata and sits majestically on top of the famous Gabbar hills. The place has been marked important ever since the pre Vedic era and currently boasts of remarkable marble cut architecture and silver-plated interiors. Here is a complete guide to explore this place of wonderment and spirituality.

Location: Western India

Best Time to Visit Ambaji:

Being a coastal town Gujarat experience extremely hot, humid and scorching summer season where the temperature touches unbearable conditions. The best time for you to visit this temple would be during the months of October to March when the temperature dips drastically and the weather becomes all the most comfortable to go on sightseeing expeditions. Owing to unexpected weather changes during the monsoon season travel should be avoided during this time as well.

Why Visit Ambaji Temple?:

Being one of the most important Shakti Peeth in India out of the 51 that are spread all across the landscape here, Ambaji temple is visited primarily by believers and followers of the Shakti tradition since it is said that goddess’s heart had fallen here. Visiting this prime Shakti Peeth in India is believed to grant the people with a deep sense of spiritualism and never ending faith.

  • 20°C to 35°C

    (April to June)

  • 22°C to 28°C

    (July to September)

  • 10°C to 15°C

    (October to February)

Ambaji Temple Architecture

Ambaji Temple Architecture

Ambaji Temple Timings

Ambaji Temple Timings