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Ambaji Temple Significance, Legend, History

Devi Shakti is the incarnation of the supreme Cosmic Power of the Universe or Adya Shakti and she is responsible for vanquishing the evil. The Goddess emerges as a circle of light with weapons on all sides and she is also worshipped as Mahishasura Mardini. The devotees who flock to Ambaji temple also worship the divine cosmic power who is incarnated as Ambaji. The temple signifies the heart of Goddess Shakti and is one of the major Shakti Piths in India.

Legend of Ambaji Temple

How to Reach Ambaji

Mythology says that the original temple is dedicated to Maa Ambe Arasuri and it is built on top of a hill called Gabbar Hillock. This is the site where the heart of Goddess Sati fell after her body disintegrated into 51 sacred pieces post the Tandav dance of Shiva. The original Danta temple was worshipped by devotees till the King Danta fervently requested the Goddess to reside in Danta. The Goddess granted his request with one condition that the king should not look back even one time till he reached the temple of Danta. In case he failed to do so the Goddess would not shift. The king accordingly led the Goddess down the ill towards the site of Danta. The anklets of the Goddess tinkled and seemed to signal her movements behind the king. However, the king could not resist his curiosity and peeped back for a small look. The Goddess (true to her word) refused to budge even a n inch and the disappointed king had to go away. The place where the Goddess stopped her sojourn was the site of Ambaji temple. Some pilgrims consider their visit incomplete till they have visited both Ambaji temples.

History of Ambaji Temple

The place of Ambe Mata or the Mother Goddess is a famous spot for religious tourism for Hindu pilgrims. This temple has been worshipped from Pre Vedic times and the Goddess is accepted as the Arasur ni Ambe Maa as the temple is situated on top of the Aravalli hills. Ambaji Mandir is accepted widely as one of the most important Shakti Peeth and it is well known that locals around the area keep taking the name of Ambaji as a sacred hymn. Ambaji is lauded as the supreme cosmic controller of the world. Historically, there has never been an idol or picture of the Goddess though the resident priests had painted the upper inner area of the roof in a way that conjures up the resplendent image of the Goddess.

There is a simple Gokh in the inner wall bearing the famous gold Shakti Visa Sri Yantra that has a convex shape and bears 51 holy Bij letters. Adequate precautions have been taken that the Yantra can be worshipped but not photographed. Even devotees are asked to tie their eyes with a white cloth before they are allowed to worship the Yantra. History says that the Ambaji temple has a strong Tantric past and the famous revered Batuk Tantric is associated with this temple.

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