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Month Wise Weather in Ambaji

How to Reach Ambaji

Ambaji is one of the most important Hindu religious sites in the country as the heart of Goddess Shakti is believed to have fallen here. This important Shakti Pith lies in line with the Aravalli mountain ranges. The weather of Ambaji is as follows.

Best Time to Visit

Ideal time to visit Ambaji Mata is between October to February. If you do not mind the humidity and the rains then the months of September, August and July are also suitable for a pilgrimage. It is better to avoid visiting in the scorching hot summer months.

Various Seasons Here

Ambaji in Summers

Summers in Ambaji begin from March and last till June. The temperature in summers can shot up to 46 degree during the day and the heat induces heat strokes. Nights are very warm and slightly more bearable. Tourists usually avoid visiting Ambaji in summers.

Ambaji in Monsoons

Monsoons in Ambaji come in around July and last till September. This is an arid region and rainfall makes it pleasant and soothing. Climate gets quite damp in the rainy season and there is a lot of humidity. However the landscape accentuates in its beauty in the monsoons and this is a pleasant time for tourists.

Ambaji in Winters

The winters set in around November and continue till the end of February. The winter season ses maximum tourist footfall as the climate becomes pleasantly cool and conducive to travel. The temperature ranges between 10 degrees to 36 degrees Celsius during winters in Ambaji.

Month Wise Weather Analysis

Ambaji in March

Summers creep in Ambaji around March and around the middle of this month it starts getting quite uncomfortable. Temperature ranges around 30 degrees in the day and wearing cotton clothes is advisable.

Ambaji in April

Days are fiery and nights are quite warm in April. The temperature may go up to 36 degrees in the day. It is not advisable to undertake journeys between 11 a.m to 3 p.m in april as the son is scorching hot.

Ambaji in May

May sees the highest temperatures with temperature going above 40 degrees. Nights are also humid and hot and its impossible to stay without air conditioner. There are chances of suffering from sun burns and heat strokes.

Ambaji in June

In June the Celsius dips slightly but the weather is still hot and uncomfortable. Tourists will still feel the sun’s wrath in the daytime but the nights are relatively pleasant and balmy. Use of cotton and loose flowing clothes is recommended.

Ambaji in July

Monsoons creep in around July and the weather becomes a little more pleasant. The temperature ranges around 30 degrees and many tourists prefer visiting Ambaji around this time.

Ambaji in August

Vigorous showers happen in August and many tourists make a beeline for Ambaji temple around this time. The temperature is pleasant though there is a lot of humidity in the air.

Ambaji in September

September sees light showers and the Aravalli Hills start looking beautiful around this time. It is pleasantly cool around this time and one can wear garments of choice. September sees the beginning of tourist season.

Ambaji in October

October is relatively cooler and the temperature ranges around 27 degrees centigrade. It is quite pleasant and it a pleasure to roam around and visit the attractions around Ambaji.

Ambaji in November

Winters come in their full force around November and the weather becomes cold. One has to wear light jackets and woolens to enjoy sightseeing and pilgrimage in Ambaji.

Ambaji in December

In December the weather is quite cold and the temperature hovers around 10 to 15 degrees. Tourist season is at its peak in December and one has to make early bookings.

Ambaji in January

January is very pleasant with a slight increase in Celsius. Fairs and festivals happen in Ambaji during this time. You can enjoy the beauty of Aravalli hills and the spirituality of the place.

Ambaji in February

Winters start receding in February and spring is in the air with hazy mists in the morning and rosy glows in the evening. This is also a very pleasant time to visit Ambaji Mata.

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