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The opulent and magnificent temple of Somnath dedicated to the moon god, som and is a prominent Jyotirlinga site for Shiva followers. This temple which is located right next to the never-ending ocean stands tall as one of the most sacred pilgrimage spots in India. Constructed using Chalukya design of architecture this temple is visited by huge throngs of devotees from all over the world. With finely decorated interiors and elegantly engraved exteriors this temple is a must visit.

Location: West India

Best Time to Visit:

The months of September to March are considered to be the best time to visit Somnath since the winter months here are comfortable and pleasantly cold. You will even be able to go on some sightseeing exploration as well during this time. Summer in Somnath is very hot and humid due to its location next to a water body. Sightseeing during this time is not a pleasant experience.

Why Visit Somnath?:

Somnath is a very holy and sacred temple in India and its importance is acknowledged by devotees from all over the world. The temple is believed to be the first place where the Jyotirlinga had appeared among the 12 others that are spread across India. This temple is an important pilgrimage destination for believers of Shiva. The opulent temple is a landmark historical site whose history and the exact date of construction is still unknown.

  • 21°C to 40°C

    (April to June)

  • 19°C to 28°C

    (July to September)

  • 10°C to 18°C

    (October to February)

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