Somnath Weather, Temperature & Best Season to Visit Somnath

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Somnath Weather, Temperature & Best Season to Visit Somnath

Devotees to Somnath temple continue to visit the temple all through the year as their limitless devotion for Someshwara cannot be restricted by any limiting aspect such as ‘best time to visit’ etc.

Somnath Weather Guide

Ideal Travel Season for Somnath Yatra

The ideal travel season to Somnath is however between the months, October and March because the weather during that time remains the most pleasant giving you no discomfort at all. Hot summers and extremely humid monsoons should be avoided as the heat and humidity during these two seasons can make you really exhausted, sick and physically unfit for the Somnath Darshan.

Different Seasons at Somnath

Summers at Somnath

The summers at Somnath start from March and continue till June. The summers here are too fierce and hot with daytime temperatures often shooting up to 42 degree Centigrades.

Monsoons at Somnath

Monsoon season at Somnath arrives in the month of July and continues till September. The region becomes windy during this time; receives moderate showers and is extremely humid leaving you all sweaty.

Winters at Somnath

Winter season at Somnath starts in November and continues till February. Temperatures during this time hover around 10 degree centigrade-24 degree centigrade. The weather during this time is cool and pleasant and thus most travel-worthy.

Month-Wise Somnath Weather Analysis

Somnath in March

The weather in March starts getting warm with the sun blazing brightly now. Early mornings and late nights are comparatively cooler but midday is pretty warm.

Somnath in April

The weather in April is significantly hot. Temperature shows a rising graph and hover somewhere around 38-40 degree centigrade. It is quite unbearable when one moves out during the day time.

Somnath in May

The weather in May is intolerably hot and heat waves are blowing all the time. One cannot go out during daytime as blast of hot air gives a real tough time. The sun is scorching and temperatures may reach up to 42 degree centigrade during the day.

Somnath in June

The heat and hotness of weather continues into June too but now another annoying addition is humidity. The weather during this time is sultry, resulting in much discomfort for tourists and visitors.

Somnath in July

The weather during this time is hot and humid. Medium range showers bring temporary relief but when rains are not there, hot and humid conditions are restored and it leads to much discomfort for the tourists & local inhabitants.

Somnath in August

The weather during this time is again hot and humid. Rain showers occur in sporadic manner and sometimes the environment turns quite windy.

Somnath in September

The humidity levels now show a declining graph. Daytime is bright, sunny and warm while nighttime is comparatively cooler and pleasant. Scanty, light showers occur occasionally.

Somnath in October

The weather starts getting pleasant now. The air around comes with low humidity levels and the sun now shines with a little moderation, making things a little easier for tourists.

Somnath in November

The weather is now quite pleasant. Daytime is pleasantly warm with cool dry winds blowing from time to time while nighttime is pleasantly cool.

Somnath in December

The weather is cold but still it’s very pleasant & bearable. You won’t feel the intolerable heat now. Temperatures are mostly around 19 degree centigrade.

Somnath in January

There’s a sharp, chilly bite in the air during this time but still tourists find it enjoyable as the cold is never severe when compared to the rest of India. Temperatures may be around 15 degree centigrade.

Somnath in February

The weather is pleasant enough. Around the midday the sun shines brightly and gives out some warmth but after evening it is again cool with light breeze blowing. Temperatures could be around 25 degree centigrade.

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