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Somnath Temple Architecture

Somnath temple, a highly revered shrine of Lord Shiva is held in very high esteem by the pious devotees all across the country and the globe. The temple stands as a resplendent symbol of immense spirituality and the country’s rich traditions, culture and heritage. The temple is a shore temple in Gujarat’s Saurashtra and is one among the 12 revered Shiva Jyotirlingam that are country is dotted with.

Somnath Temple Architecture

Somnath Architectural Excellence

The temple features an elaborate and extravagant architecture marked with many rich, intricate carvings. The temple is seven storied and reaches up to a height of 155ft. The architectural pattern exhibited by the temple is the Chalukya architectural pattern. The architectural beauty of the Somnath Temple ideally mirrors the masonry skills of Sampuras who are Gujarat’s master masons. The temple’s positioning is quite unique. The temple is positioned in such a way that not a single piece of land is visible from the Somnath seashore until Antarctica.

Somnath Architecture-Chief highlights

A magnificent Kalash or pot vessel tops the temple Shikhara and weighs up to 10 tones approximately. The summit is adorned with a flag whose mast is 37ft in length. The temple’s entrance has an enticing photo gallery near it. This gallery exhibits photos telling the tale of the ancient temple’s ruins, renovations and excavations. The temple’s architecture is simply splendid and is adorned with breath-taking stone carvings & sculptures.

Temple’s Interior Architecture

The temple in its interior has a Garbha Griha with the Jyotirlingam enshrined in it, a Sabha Mandap or assembly hall and a Nrityamandap. The ceiling is made out of loadstone and is decked with exquisite watercolor paintings. It is said that once upon a time, the temple interior is decked up most lavishly with precious gems and jewels. But attackers and invaders attacked the temple from time to time in order to plunder all these brilliant riches.

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