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Porbandar Bird Sanctuary

Porbandar Bird Sanctuary

Porbandar Bird Sanctuary is located at Porbandar district of Indian state of Gujarat. It is the only sanctuary in India which is strategically located in the heart of the city. An eminent naturalist named Peter Jackson was the pioneer behind the establishment of this sanctuary. The Porbandar city is one of the finest examples where man and nature co-exist. Porbandar Bird Sanctuary is said to be the only sanctuary in the state of Gujarat which helps in the conservation of exotic varieties of birds. It is a small sanctuary which is spread over an area of about one kilometer and you can witness flocks of migratory birds such as teals, fowls, flamingos, ibis and curlews throng near the river banks. This place was declared as a bird sanctuary back in the year 1988 under the governance of Porbandar municipality.

But later in the year 1990, the sanctuary came under the possession of the Forest Department and as a result, it was listed under Section 18 of the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 of Gujarat State Government.


The serene and sublime surroundings of the Porbandar Bird Sanctuary in Gujarat make it one of the ideal places for various types of Avifauna. This sanctuary is a breeding ground for the birds due to lush green vegetation and wetlands. The freshwater lake which is saline is a major source of food and water for the birds. Even though the lake is regularly supplied with water, there is an increase in the level of water pollution as a result of the discharge of sewage water into the freshwater lake.

Flora and Fauna

Though the sanctuary is not rich in flora, the tourists may come across few shrubs and trees which are planted and owned by the Forest Department of Gujarat. Porbandar Bird Sanctuary is home to more than one hundred and fifty exotic varieties of birds such as wildfowl, avocets, pelicans, spoonbills, jacanas, terns, herons, shovellers, whistling teals, egret, little grebes, pintails, little cormorants, coots, red ruffs, and shanks.

What are the Reasons for Visit?

Porbandar Bird Sanctuary is a bird watcher’s paradise. The tourists can witness exotic varieties of birds flying while creating amazing formations and patterns in the sky. They will also come across birds flapping and nesting beside the river banks.

Food and Accommodation

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Tourists who would like to lodge in a decent hotel may head straight to Hotel Indraprastha which is located at S.T. Crossroad and opposite to Swaminarayan Temple. It is strategically located in the city of Porbandar.

The hotel is well equipped with elegant and well-maintained rooms consisting of plush interiors. The manager and staffs of this hotel are very hospitable and co-operative. They offer top-notch customer services to their esteemed guests. Some of the basic facilities offered by this hotel include Jaquise bath and steam bath, Digital Safe facility in suite rooms, free parking lots, twenty-four-hour doctor on call facilities, laundry and dry cleaning facilities. Apart from that, the hotel houses a multi-cuisine restaurant where the guests can savor authentic South Indian dishes.

Things to Do

It is highly recommended to carry necessary equipment such as binoculars and cameras to have a sneak peek into the habitat and behavior of birds and take amazing stills. The visitors are not allowed to bring electronic gadgets like music systems which could upset the peace and harmony of birds. No one is permitted to get up close with the birds and hunting is prohibited in this sanctuary.

Some of the environmental concerns associated with Porbandar Bird Sanctuary are the air and noise pollution. It hampers the biodiversity and ecosystem of this sanctuary. The freshwater lakes are highly prone to degradation as a result of the discharge of pollutants and sewage. Nearby factories and industries also upset the natural habitat of the birds.

Places to Visit

Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Bhuj: – Shri Swaminarayan Mandir is an important Hindu place of worship which is located at Bhuj in the Kutch district of Indian state of Gujarat. This temple complex is owned and operated by Nar Narayan Dev Gadi of the Swaminarayan Sampradaya. The inaugural ceremony of this property took place back in the year 2010.

How to Reach

Since this sanctuary is well connected to major cities of Gujarat by road, air and rail transport as well.

By Road: – Tourists may either hire a cab, taxi, bus or an auto to reach Porbandar Bird Sanctuary. This sanctuary is conveniently located in the vicinity of Chhaya road at Porbandar.

By Rail: – Those who prefer to travel to the sanctuary by rail may proceed to Porbandar Railway Station which is located in the coastal city of Porbandar in Gujarat. The railway station is located just five kilometers away from the sanctuary.

By Air: – Visitors who opt to travel by air transport may head straight towards Porbandar airport which is located at Porbandar in Gujarat. The airport is located just stone’s throw away from the Porbandar Bird Sanctuary.

Best Time to Visit

Since the sanctuary is located in close proximity to the coastal regions, the climatic conditions are very favorable most of the times. The ideal time to visit Porbandar Bird Sanctuary is during the winter months of October to March. The average temperature recorded here during the months of October to March range from ten to thirty-six-degree centigrade. It is during this period of time where you can witness wide varieties of migratory birds searching for suitable nesting grounds near the freshwater lake.

Porbandar Bird Sanctuary which is located at Gujarat is indeed an ideal spot for ornithologists. If you are planning an amazing trip to Gujarat, you have to make sure that Porbandar Bird Sanctuary is included in your itinerary.

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