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Dwarka Average Temperatures by Month

dwarka during monsoon

Dwarka, a scared town on the western shores of Gujarat is an important pilgrimage destination of the country. The famous Dwarkadhish temple is the major religious attraction of the city with the others being Nageshwar Jyotir lingam, Rukmini temple and Bet Dwarka temple.

Best Time to Visit

If you wish to set out for a holy pilgrimage of the Dwarkadheesh temple it is ideal for you to visit the place during winters; i.e. between October to February. During that time the weather of Dwarka remains cool and most travel friendly and pleasant. However, for travelers who do not mind the scorching heat of the summer or the intense humidity of the Monsoons, Dwarkadheesh temple tour is an all-season tour.

Various Seasons Here

Dwarka in Smmers

Summers in Dwarka start from March and continue till June. The summer weather here is hot and thus uncomfortable. Maximum temperatures range between 35 degree centigrade to 42 degree centigrade and minimum temperatures are hover near 25 degree centigrade. Sun’s heat is quite scorching and unbearable during this time.

Dwarka in Monsoons

Monsoons in Dwarka creep in around July and continue till September. Monsoons here are characterized by light showers to medium range showers. July receives the highest rainfall when compared to the other monsoon months with the average monthly recorded rainfall being around 200mm. Humidity levels rise tremendously during the monsoon months making one feel quite uncomfortable.

Dwarka in Winters

The winters set in around October and continue till February. Winters here are pleasant, cool and not severe at all. Average maximum winter temperatures hovering 25 degree centigrade to 28 degree centigrade while minimum temperatures are around 15 degree centigrade.

Month Wise Weather Analysis

Dwarka in March

March marks the start of summers at Dwarka. Sun’s heat can be felt considerably during the day while the nights are relatively milder. Cotton garments are the best to wear when you are out during the day time.

Dwarka in April

April, the temperature rises all the more and getting out during the day time could be much of a trouble due to scorching rays of the blazing sun. Nights have clear sky and are a little milder but the discomfort still lingers. Pure cotton clothes are the best wearables during this time.

Dwarka in May

May sees the highest temperatures with heat waves blowing during the day time. At night you are spared of the sun rays but the discomfort still remains. Beware of heat strokes & sun burns in case you are going there in May. Wear pure cotton breathable clothes and drink plenty of water to replenish the moisture loss.

Dwarka in June

June sees a declining temperature graph when compared to the previous months but then the weather gradually turns sultry and suffocative due to gradual rise in humidity. In the day time, it’s hot and humid while nights may be comparatively cooler but high in humidity.

Dwarka in July

Onset of Monsoons occurs in July with medium showers taking place in sporadic manner. Humidity levels rise all the more and sky remains partly cloudy during day as well during the night.

Dwarka in August

August also receives rainfall but the showers are light and less frequent. Lingering humidity makes it quite uncomfortable as one would perspire a lot and get easily fatigued.

Dwarka in September

September does receive showers but in a very limited amount as this is the last of the monsoon months and rain clouds are in their retreating phase.

Dwarka in October

With the start of October one can feel a switch over from the humid sultry weather to a comparatively cooler one. In other words, air around becomes dry, less humid and skies turn clearer.

Dwarka in November

In the month of November, winter rolls into Dwarka making things cool and pleasant on the weather front. Night temperature drop and cool, pleasant breeze soothes the mind and body. November is one of the peak season months for Dwarkadheesh pilgrimage trip.

Dwarka in December

In December, winters are in their full form and a sharp sting can be felt in the cool breeze blowing but it is all very enjoyable rather than being intolerable. Thus, December too is a peak season month for Dwarkadheesh pilgrimage.

Dwarka in January

In January, the pleasantness of winters continues with the temperatures dropping to some extent. Nights are cold but bearable. Light woolens will let you fare well. This too is a good time to make your pilgrimage tour.

Dwarka in February

In February, winters are in their retreating phase. Day time, it’s sunny but is not scorching and uncomfortable. You would rather feel a delicate warm glow during the day and at night time cool breeze and clear sky gives you every reason to stroll about!

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