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Shopping in Dwarka

Dwarka is a city in Gujarat’s Dwarka district and is located on Okhamandal Peninsula’s western shores. Dwarka city is steeped in great religious as well as mythological significance as it is often regarded as Lord Krishna’s mythical kingdom. Also, Dwarka is one of the ‘Sapta puris’ or ‘seven holy sites of Hinduism’ along with being one of the Chardhams of the Maha Parikrama Chardham Circuit. The grace and royal aura of this ancient city pulls tourists and pilgrims from every nook and corner of the country. All year round, Dwarka receives an influx of tourists and pilgrims who all wish to pick something or the other from the city at the time of departing. Thus, shopping in Dwarka is a pepped up affair all the time. Thus, vividness and colours characterize the bazaars and shopping centres of Dwarka all year round.

What to Shop in Dwarka

These are the main items you could shop at Dwarka:

  • Patola silk sarees
  • Embroidered footwear
  • Traditional handicrafts
  • Brassware
  • Ethnic jewellery
  • Traditional ghagra-Choli
  • Heavily adorned dress materials adorned with colourful threadwork, beadwork, mirror work etc.
  • Idols and photos of Lord Krishna

Where to Shop in Dwarka

Here are some of the places to shop at Dwarka:

Shopping malls and plazas abound in the holy city of Dwarka alongside local bazaars. These shopping malls come with a swanky, posh getup and spread across large areas. The shops here sell high quality branded items and cater mainly to the shopaholic young generations. The top shopping malls in the city of Dwarka are: Pankaj Plaza, Supreme Plaza, Dwarka deep, Bansal Plaza, Odeon plaza, Sagar Plaza, Vardhman Plaza, Mefcons Plaza, Aditya plaza etc.

Local Markets of Dwarka

Local markets or bustling bazaars of Dwarka city remain crowded all year round. The crowd comprises of both locals and tourists. During the festive times of Janmashtami crowds in the bazaars of Dwarka accelerate like anything. The markets sell all kinds of traditional local items as well as local street foods. By visiting the local markets of this revered Devbhoomi, you could catch a glimpse of the true essence and culture of the real Dwarka. The most renowned market places of Dwarka are the Bathan Chowk, Ananya Mata Chowk, Shri Ram Bazaar.

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