Popular Temples in Somnath

Gujarat is probably one of the holiest destinations for a deeply spiritual experience. This last and final abode of the Asiatic lions which also houses the incredibly surreal and expansive salt white marshland. But there is more to this colourful land of culture, traditions and beliefs. The temples dotting this place are very important and on every traveller’s bucket list. Somnath is one such place which offers a wide variety of temples for you to visit some of the most popular ones are listed below:

Somnath Temple

Somnath Temple, Saurashtra

The holy Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva which sits by the gushing waters of the Arabian sea is probably one of the landmarks and highlight temples not only in Somnath but also in India. The majestic structure is massive, opulent, delicately adorned with carvings and engravings. Every inch of this place is elegantly decorated with elaborate designs. This history of the construction of this temple is very traumatic and destructive history of it being plundered by early rulers 17 times. The current standing temple was initiated by Jawaharlal Nehru and is visited by devotees from all over the world who also come here to be a part of the fun sound and light show.

Lakshmi Narayan Temple

Lakshmi Narayan Temple

If you are travelling to Somnath then this temple should not be missed. Located on the shore of the Triveni Tirth this is one of the most famous and popular pilgrimage temples in Somnath as well as Gujarat. As the name suggests the idols of the presiding deity is dedicated to Lord Lakshmi Narayan an incarnate of Vishnu. The defining feature of this temple is that it is an exact replica of the Laxmi Narayan Temple of Badrinath. The inside walls of the temple is decorated with images of Lord Krishna and Lakshmi and the ambience here is extremely serene, quiet and peaceful. performing meditation here against the brilliant backdrop of the setting sun on the banks of River Hiren will be an experience of a lifetime.

Gita Mandir

Gita Mandir

This is one of the most unique temples located in Somnath which holds a lot of significance in the lives of Hindus. built-in the year 1970 by the Birlas as the name suggests this temple houses the holy Hindu book of Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta. The entire structure stands apart from its surrounding and resonates a peaceful vibe since it is made completely out of glistening marble. The insides of the walls are inscribed with the hymns inside the holy book which makes the ambience here very peaceful and serene, the perfect place to perform some rejuvenating meditation. Go here if you have some time in hand while visiting Somnath since it is a very unique place to be.

Bhalka Tirth

Bhalka Teerth

Your visit to Somnath remains incomplete without paying your respect at the major pilgrim hotspot of bhalka Tirth. Located in the vicinity of Somnath at a distance of around 5 km from Prabhas Veraval highway, this temple which houses a sacred banyan tree is dedicated to Lord Krishna. The place holds immense importance since it was right here where Lord Krishna was hit by an arrow by Jara towards the conclusion of Dvapara Yuga. The idol of the presiding deity is in resting form under the Peepal tree which is a very beautiful sight. Make it a point to visit here after a visit to Somnath temple since it is well connected and especially the evening aarti procession is worth being a part of.

Shree Parshuram Temple

Parshuram Temple

As the name suggests this temple located on the banks of the holy Triveni Teerth is dedicated to Lord Parshuram. Also referred to as Somnath Parshuram temple this is the place where the lord was relieved of the curse of Kshatriya Hatya with the blessings of Lord Somnath. There are two ancient Kunds located within the premises of the temple complex and overall there are 3 different temple structures depicting the sabha mandap, a central mandap and the Garbhagriha. The main shrine consists of 3 idols dedicated to Lord Parshuram with Kala and Kama on either sides. A small structure dedicated to the lord’s mother Renuka is also placed right behind the main temple. The overall serenity and devotional experience here is very peaceful and fulfilling.

Suraj Mandir

Suraj Mandir

This is another one of the popular attractions of Somnath and is placed peacefully towards the northern part of Triveni ghat. As the name suggests the temple is dedicated to the sun god and its origin dates back to the time when the original Somnath temple was constructed that was later on looted and plundered by invaders. The architectural marvel of Suraj mandir is noteworthy and is adorned with sculptures and figurines dedicated to animals like lions and elephants. If you are planning on going for a temple tour in Somnath to get the best spiritual experience then this temple should be included in your tour itineraries.

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