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Gujarat Tourism is something that doesn’t require any sort of introduction as the wonderful and appealing beauty of Gujarat is hard to resist as the city boasts innumerable destinations like beaches, ancient forts, huge temples, and especially the charm of Rann Utsav which is organized every year between the months November and February. According to the Gujarat tourism rate of the last few years, it is concluded that this festive season has gained huge popularity not only among Indian tourists but also among foreign tourists. Likewise other tourist sites in the state, the travel companies offer various packages for exploring Rann of Kutch and to participate in the auspicious Rann Utsav. Browse any of our Rann Utsav tour packages and make this Gujarat trip a “Wow” trip.

This white marshy area is adorned with mesmerizing views that look more fascinating at the time of dusk and dawn when the white salt plains beauty get more contrasted with the glimmering blue sky and the entire region gets adorned with the peaceful and tranquil ambiance. The grand celebration of Rann Utsav continues for 90 consecutive days where each day is special in its own terms. This one month long dazzling festival is participated by thousands of tourists and so accommodating them is also a concern as there are not many hotels and resorts in the region. Also, budget comes as a major concern and obstacle so to accommodate the tourists coming with a low budget the state government has come up with an idea of establishing tents that a tourist can avail on rent.

Knock Knock! Rann Utsav is approaching so if you have not booked your tickets and not done with the hotel booking then you are surely going to face issues and you may have to accommodate yourself in the camps. However, this used to happen in the past that in case of emergency tourists used to stay in the camps but in the last few years camp stay is the most opted one. The very best thing about the accommodation is that it is near to the site of the festival from where witnessing the glory of Rann Utsav is more charming and pleasant.

Camp Stay at White Rann of Kutch

What makes Camp Stay in Rann of Kutch indifferent?

  1. What else could be better than experiencing the pleasant weather and other outdoor activities rather than sitting around a campfire and gazing at the starry sky and witnessing the peaceful ambiance spread all around? All such wonderful and incredible experiences can be experienced only through camping.
  2. The diversity spread in all the aspects of Kutch and the sheer vastness of the destination makes it ideal for camping.
  3. Nowadays it is pretty difficult for everyone (because of the hectic schedule) to spend some quality time for themselves so if you are on the camp stay in Rann of Kutch then you get to interact with many people.
  4. People on the trip get to experience the vibrant culture and the day to day village life of the state by camping within the huge walls of certain ancient forts.
  5. Enjoy the calming breeze at the desert along with the mellifluous music adding unique and enriching charm to this wonderful trip.

Facilities of These Camps

Staying near the Rann of Kutch is a complement to your Gujarat which offers you an incredible and unique travel experiences.

  • The accommodations are both air-conditioned as well as non-A/C depending upon your budget.
  • Discover the wilderness of Rann of Kutch and also explore the beauty of the region by riding off the beaten track on Marwari horses.
  • At the camps, you can enjoy the horseback safaris to explore and expand the mesmerizing and the incomparable beauty of this beautiful region.

Limitation of Camp Stay at Rann of Kutch

Many of you must be thinking that camp stay would be cost-effective but staying here is economical in reality and is going to make a big hole in your pocket. There are both A/C and non-A/C accommodation so select the one as per your taste, budget, and also availability. We cannot ignore the fact that establishing a camp in Kutch has been emerging out as a leading business and this is why a huge competition is seen here.

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