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Shopping in Kutch

Shopping in Kutch

Kutch, the land of the desert, is at the westernmost end of India. This tract of land is the last portion of soil in India before Pakistan begins. Quite fittingly, Kutch is a meeting point of different cultures. Kutch hosts some of the most famous festivals and events around the year. The Rann Utsav conducted in the winter is a coming together of artists across the nation. Thus, Kutch is a very important center for shopping as one comes across a lot of different kinds of goods and products. Here are some vital points to keep in mind while shopping in Kutch.

Things You Can Buy:
Kutch possesses a very rich culture. The people of Kutch are skilled in a variety of crafts, thus enriching their markets with rare products. Some of the things which you can buy are as follows:-

  1. Lacquer
  2. Gold Jewelry
  3. Copper Bells
  4. Pottery
  5. Bandhani sarees
  6. Patchwork fabric

Kutch is a less expensive place to shop. Some of the villages which boast of quality shopping products are Bhujodi, Anjar, Hodka, etc. You can get Kutchi craft ad embroideries at these locations.

Where to Shop From?
If you wish to explore the origins of the artwork you can visit the renowned art villages in Kutch. You can visit some of the most intriguing villages like Bhujodi, Dhamkada, Nirona and Bhachau. The younger artisan population of the said villages have portrayed their artworks in the UNESCO exhibitions and have received awards for their work.

There are also many exhibitions that offer a wide range of handicrafts of the district. Bulk of the shops lie in the Bhuj main market. You can visit places like Khamir crafts store in Bhuj and Rainbow Textiles in Ganghara for buying exotic handicrafts.

Tips for Shopping In Kutch:
Here are some cool tips that you can employ to do your shopping in Kutch. Visit Khavda for Ajrakh prints and clay pottery. For quilts and leather bags, go to Hodka. It is home to pastoral communities and leather is available in huge quantities. For copper bells and rogan, go to Nirona where such things are high in quality. For handloom textiles, you cannot go farther than Bhujodi. Even if you are a potential customer or a mere window-shopper, the people of Bhujodi always entertain you.

What to Expect In Kutch?
Kutch is predominantly a tourist place so shopping may not always be the best option in Kutch. But the trend has changed a bit in the recent past. Shopping is building up its empire and slowly edging forward. Shopping enthusiasts can expect a decent range of products at highly competitive rates. Even if you are not too keen on shopping, you can always indulge in window shopping as the shopkeepers are always enthusiastic to serve their customers. Overall, you can expect a decent shopping experience in Kutch.

So, if you are a shopping fanatic, then you can hope to enjoy shopping in Kutch. Pack your bags and set off to Kutch to get your shopping fantasies settled.

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