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India’s first World Heritage city, Ahmedabad or Ahmedabad is a perfect choice for your travel if you are looking for a holiday where you can explore the centuries-old monuments, witness the wonderful architecture grandeur, and Ashram where one can learn about the lifestyle of Mahatma Gandhi. The city attracts thousands of tourists every year from different corners of the nation and globe as the major portion of the world’s population consists of medieval art and architecture living in India. The city was under the rule of several dynasties and kingdoms and so it possesses a glorious heritage and legacy.

ahmedabad weather

Ahmedabad Weather and Best Time to Visit this City

The best time to visit any place depends upon the temperature and the climatic condition of the area at a particular period. For an instance, if you are planning to visit the places that are located on high altitudes and amidst the mountainous regions then definitely you would not prefer monsoon months or winter months as snowfall in winter and rainfall in monsoon season makes the site unfavorable to explore. Similarly, being a dry region, visiting Ahmedabad during the summer months is not much recommended and also monsoon months are not so recommended for your trip as the weather is unfavorable and the atmosphere becomes so humid that you can’t go out to indulge in outdoor activities. So, the best time to visit Ahmedabad is winter months when you are free to roam around the city without any hurdle (like sweat, humidity).

Ahmedabad in Winter

Winter season in Ahmedabad commences in the month of November and continues till February            and during these months, the weather of this city is quite pleasant and favorable. The average temperature ranges between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius which makes the daytime pleasant but on the other hand, when it starts getting dark, the climate of the city becomes cool and the temperature gets lower down by the time. So, it is advised to the tourists to carry woolens with them so that they can stay fit and healthy in a new atmosphere.

Ahmedabad in Summer

During the summer season, it becomes quite difficult for a tourist to survive in the scorching heat coming out of the sun rays and it becomes more difficult for those who come from a cold region like Uttarakhand or Himachal. Even it becomes uneasy to go out of the hotel room and explore the areas in and around this beautiful city and people prefer staying in the air-conditioned room and don’t prefer going out unless it is very urgent.

Ahmedabad in Monsoon

Unlike Summer season, Ahmedabad witnesses a bit of pleasing weather in the monsoon months as rain brings a fresh vibe to the city but as the city doesn’t witness a good amount of rainfall and this is why humidity in the air doesn’t end completely. However, it is better to plan the Ahmedabad trip in monsoon rather than planning in the monsoon months.

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