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The fastest emerging city in the world, Surat acts as a powerful magnet for diamond dealers, fashion divas, and art lovers. Surat is proudly called “Embroidery capital of the nation”, “Diamond hub of the world”, and the “Textile city of India” and this makes the city an important tourist destination in Gujarat. Being located near to the coastal region, Surat had always been the center of attraction for every colonial ruler as they all were keen to establish their kingdom here and to spread their trading kingdom all over the world. Surat is dotted with numerous alluring destinations including glimmering beaches to gorgeous shopping malls and its delectable cuisine is something that must not be missed out.

Surat Weather during the Summer Season

During the summer months, Surat experiences extremely hot weather and as per the report, the temperature hovers around 40 degrees Celsius and sometimes even reaches 45 degrees Celsius. If you are visiting this trading point in the summer months especially April and June then be ready to face the scorching heat of the sun rays. Summer may disturb your schedule and don’t allow you to indulge in outdoor activities and if you are going out on a sunny day then do apply sunscreen lotion and carry an umbrella or a hat to save yourself from that intolerable heat.

The Weather of Surat during the Monsoon Season

July marks the beginning of the monsoon season that continues till September. According to an estimate, the city receives 1200 mm of rainfall and this rain brings humidity in the atmosphere. However, monsoon is a pretty good idea to plan your trip to Surat as this offers you a bit relax from the scorching heat of sun rays and doesn’t trouble you much in enjoying the outdoor activities. On can witness occasional rainfall in the city making the temperature significantly lower.

Surat in Winter Season

Being located close to the coastal region, Surat witnesses a tropical climate throughout the year and in Surat the temperature reaches maximum up to 25 degrees Celsius in the winter season and the minimum temperature of the city is 9 degrees Celsius. In short, Surat witnesses a favorable climate between October and March so if you visit the destination city in these months then definitely you are going to make it a worth visit. All the outdoor activities can be enjoyed and if you want to witness the charm of the festive season of Navratri then plan your Surat trip in October.

Best Time to Visit Surat

After looking at the temperatures of the city during different seasons and the humidity level, it can be easily concluded that the best time to visit Surat is October to February. Likewise, other cities of the country, Surat also experiences the same climatic conditions like unbearable heat during the summer months, bit humid yet relax from heat, and cold climate in winter months but not as cold as Uttarakhand or other hilly areas. Summer days are pretty annoying and uncomfortable and it feels better to stay in the air-conditioned room rather than going out and exploring the tourist places. However, the nights are pretty pleasant as compared to the day time and the winters offer mild climate as the temperature drops down to 10 degrees Celsius. This is the perfect time for spending your holiday in Surat.

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