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Things To Do And See In Surat

Surat, the textile hub of Gujarat is teeming with several historical landmarks, architectural delights, and ashrams. Thousands of tourists come from different corners of the world to witness the impeccable charm and to get a glimpse of vibrant Gujarati traditions. Surat is believed to be the largest trading point of diamond in India and it is estimated that almost 90 percent of the diamond is cut and polished here only and this is why the city is popularly called “Diamond city of India”. There are several fairs and festivals organized in the city where you can participate in music and dance and can also indulge themselves in other activities.

Check out the below-mentioned activities that one can be indulged in to make their trip to Surat most memorable and enjoyable.

Spend Some Relaxing Moments at the Dumas Brach

Dumas Brach

The best place to feel the chill after a tiring and hectic schedule of your life, Dumas Beach is popular among locals as well as tourists for its paranormal activities. Throughout the day the place is crowded with tourists and locals but as soon as it starts getting dark, everyone starts moving back towards their home as the is a saying that the place is not safe to stay at night. There are several incidents noticed here like one who visits the site in the evening state that spirits are walking along the sand dunes and also various incidents of screaming sounds, strange sounds, and spooky laughter have been witnessed here. So, if you are not strong by heart or coward then you should leave the place before dusk and there are some incidents noticed where tourists or locals walking here in dark get disappeared. If you are a foodie then binge on the famous tomato Puri and Bhajiya sold here during the day time.

Get little Spiritual and Visit ISKCON Temple

ISKCON Temple, Surat

Another exciting place to visit in Surat where you can dwell yourself into the spiritual bliss, ISKCON Temple is popular for its serene and tranquil ambiance. The temple houses a souvenir store from where you can buy the things for your family and friends so once you are done with the prayers and other rituals at the shrine come to this store and shop out your desired items. Admire the decorated statues of Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Laxman, Goddess Sita, and Radha and then sit in the calm and stress-free atmosphere of the temple.

Be Little Historical at Surat Fort

Surat Fort

Located almost 4 km away from Surat Railway Station, Surat Fort is one of the most fascinating and captivating tourist attractions in the city. As per the shreds of evidence of Indian history, the fort was established in the 16th century but the construction work was stopped for a period and then Mahmud III restarted its construction. For those who love history, Surat Fort is an important place to discover and it is also preferred by the photogenic as the site offers a perfectly picturesque setting for your travel frame.

Witness the Aquatic Life Experience at Jagdishchandra Bose Aquarium

Jagdish Chandra Bose Aquarium

Beauty of this aquarium admires thousands of marine biology enthusiasts yet tourism is not limited to biologists only. One who discovers this admiring tourist site in Surat gets to witness almost 100 species of fishes including sharks. It is believed that these fish have been brought to this aquarium from various lagoons, freshwater, and also oceans. Other marine species that are found here include starfish, piranhas, lobsters, stingrays, eels, goldfish, a shark tank, and the turtles. This is one of those places in Surat which you can explore with your family especially your kids would appreciate you for selecting this place.

Spend Some Super Quality Time with Your Family at Gopi Talav

Gopi Talav

Studded with mango orchards, Gopi Talav attracts its tourists with several recreational activities including train rides, taking a boat ride to explore the glimmering lakes, wall climbing, bumper cars, water tricycles, carousel, and zip lines. One can also check out the various zones including diamond zone, history zones, environmental awareness zone, food zone, and textile zone. Gopi Talav also boasts of a jogging park where locals come to do exercise so this is the best way to communicate with locals and to know about their cultures and traditions. It also houses an open-air theatre and a well-maintained garden.

Discover the Dutch Gardens Built-In European Style

Dutch Garden, Surat

One of the most crowded places in Surat, Dutch Gardens are structured in European style and are very well manicured and nicely maintained. One who is exploring these gardens discovers the mausoleums and the beautifully carved tombstones of Dutch, British, and Armenia officials who had visited this trading hub for their commercial purpose. An Old English Factory, the mausoleum, and the imposing tombs are the key attractions of such gardens.

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