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Gujarat Weather

Gujarat, on the West Coast of India, has a widely varying topography. Down South, starting from Surat onwards, it has more of greenery and water bodies. Even if you travel Eastwards from Baroda you will come across more greenery. From Baroda upwards you will see the land becoming progressively more arid. This is evident in the climate as well. As you travel upwards and to the West you end up in the Rann of Kutch, a great desert where summers can be blisteringly and scorchingly hot. It does not have any large mountains with the land upwards from Baroda being mostly flatlands with hills to be found in the Northern and Southern side. As for rains, it does rain heavily in the South whereas the Rann of Kutch and northern regions may experience sparse rainfall but then you never know about the vagaries of weather. Winters are cold but not uncomfortably so. The temperature rarely falls below 10 degrees and when it does it is mainly due to cold wave conditions and the temperature, in such cases, can go down to 4 deg C, especially in the desert areas.

If you wish to travel to Gujarat, which weather would you find suitable? Here is a month-wise breakup.

This is when temperatures are soaring upwards with the mercury exceeding 38 degrees. You can travel with ease, even sleep out in the open, making it perfect for camping in the South of Gujarat or in the desert-coastal areas along Saurashtra where you can take in wildlife as well.

This is when the temperature attains its peak. In heat wave conditions the temperature can exceed 40 degrees. If you must travel, rise early and complete your sightseeing for the day by 11 and then retire for a mid afternoon nap. Set out only after five. The sun sets as late as 7 PM so you have plenty of light. You can sleep in the open as there usually is a breeze.

This is when temperatures are high, almost as high as May. However, there is relief as, in the second fortnight, the skies are shaded with clouds and you can find days to be bearable. By the end of June monsoon starts setting in. It is fun to get wet.

Unless there is excessive rainfall, travelling in July and for the next two months can be pleasant. There may be the occasional or even daily showers but these rarely last for the entire day. Areas may be waterlogged so what, put on your gumboots and have fun splashing about. It will bring out the child in you. The weather can be hot but not unbearably so.

October is the best for travel since it is pleasant, not too cool and not too hot and countryside is green. You can wander about all day in the sun. It is even better in November when the temperature drops still more. Right up to March it is cold and the nights are chilly. These six months are the best for travel and for a variety of outdoor activities in Gujarat.

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