Kaleshwari Group Of Monuments, Mahisagar District, Gujarat

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Kaleshwari Group Of Monuments, Mahisagar District, Gujarat

The Kaleshwari Group of Monuments is located at Mahisagar district in Gujarat. It is also situated in close proximity to the district headquarters of Lunawada across the stream of Hidimba Van. The Kaleswari Group of Monuments, which is beautifully constructed with intricate carvings, comprises a water reservoir, two massive Stepwells, and several other sacred idols.

The Kaleswari Group of Monuments was established during the period between 10th and 16th century B.C and some of the monuments were later re-constructed during the 18th century B.C.


Kaleshwari Group of Monuments

The Kaleshwari Group of Monuments previously housed a site, which is known by the name ‘Lavaneshwari’ or in short ‘Lavana’. This place is currently located adjacent to a stream. It houses a temple, which was constructed during the 10th century B.C. This prominent Hindu place of worship is dedicated to Holy Deity Lord Shiva. Besides that, it comprises of a water reservoir, which was constructed during the 12th century along with two-step wells, which was established during the 15th century.

According to the history, the site was revamped by the Prince of Lunawada named Mala Rana in the year 1549. The site, which was later reconstructed, is currently known by the name Ghummatvalu Mandir.

Hindu Places of Worship Located

Kaleshwari Mata Temple

Some of the prominent Hindu places of worship, which is located at Kaleshwari Group of Monuments, are as follows-

The Kaleshwari Mata Temple: – The Kaleshwari Mata Temple, which is located towards the northern end of the Ghummat Walu Mandir, houses a Mandapam, which does not contain any portraits or intricate carvings. This shrine is currently supported by two massive pillars. The walls of Kaleshwari Mata Temple are beautifully adorned with images of Nataraja Shiva. A mass influx of devotees residing in and around the Lavana village frequently visits the temple to offer prayers to Goddess Kaleshwari.

The Shikhar Madhi: – The king of Lunawada named Vakhat Singh was the pioneer in the construction of The Shikhar Madhi. The construction of this temple was completed during the period between 1735 and 1757. According to the history of Shikar Madhi, the king often used this place as his summer palace and often visits for hunting. The tourists can also witness some of the rare sculptures and awesome portraits of Lord Ganesha, Mahishasura Mardini, Lord Vishnu, Chamunda Devi and Darpan Kanya. The remaining sculptures are placed inside a gallery which is located within the premises of this temple.

Bhima Chauri: – Bhima Chauri is yet another Hindu place of worship, which is dedicated to Holy Deity Lord Shiva.

Hidimba Temple: – The Hidimba Temple comprises of three main entrances in which most of the part is currently in a bad shape. The visitors can witness the image of a massive foot, which is believed to be related to the wife of Bhima named Hidimba. The image of the feet was originally obtained from some other place and later placed the image at this shrine. Later, this place was popularly known by the name ‘Hidimba Van’.

Festivals and Fairs

The Kaleshwari Group of Monuments is the primary venue for hosting several mega events, which includes annual tribal fairs such as Maha Shivratri and Janmashtami. A large group of local residents, as well as foreigners across the globe, throngs this place during this auspicious event. The discerning tourists around the world can witness the tribal dances and folk music, which is performed by professional artists who hail from Gujarat and other parts of India.

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