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Religious Experiences in Gujarat

Gujarat, the westernmost state of India, home of the divine aura and the former kingdom of lord Krishna is one of the most remarkable destinations for unique religious experiences. Not just for Hindus this land welcomes every pilgrim, devotee and travelers from different walks of life and different communities as well, which makes this place extremely unique in its own way. You will be encountered with different languages every step of the way which will add a sense of awe in your travel plans. Just going to the holy temples is very different from experiencing the place as a whole. Here are some of the best religious experiences one should definitely have in Gujarat:

Aarti in Somnath Jyotirlinga Mandir:

Somnath Temple Aarti

Somnath Mandir is one of the most highly revered places of Shiva worship in India. This temple is not only a place of immense divinity but it is also an architectural marvel. On a daily basis hundreds of Shiv Bhakts make their way to this temple as a part of their Jyotirlinga and temple tour of Gujarat. You visit here remains incomplete if you don’t be a part of the holy and soul stirring Aarti procession. The holy temple placed by the gushing waves of the Arabian sea is a deeply moving place to be and fills your sense with positivity.

Pro Tip – The Aarti takes place 3 times a day – 7 am, 12 noon and 7 pm

Spiritual Hiking in Girnar Hills:

Spiritual Hiking in Girnar Hills

If you wish to blend your spiritual experience with adventure then what better way then climbing up the scenic and lush green hills of Girnar. This experience is truly one of a kind and is considered to be extremely sacred especially for the people of Jain community. The top can be reached by climbing around 9,000 steps which is flanked one either sides by numerous big and small shrines and sites of worship. Mount Girnar on which this experience can take place is situated at a distance of 4 km from Junagadh and these temples cover around 5 different summits. In 4 to 5 hours you will be on the highest point of Gujarat steeped in divine spirituality and thrill.

Pro Tip – Start the journey early in the morning so that you are back on time.

Boat Ride to the Golden City of Mahabharat

Beyt Dwarka Boat Ride

Situated off the main land of Gujarat and only reachable via a boat ride of 5 KM, Beyt Dwarka is a historically enriched island. One can choose from a passenger boat ride of 20 rupees to a private boat service of 2,000 rupees. The journey in itself will be extremely soulful and deeply rejuvenating which will become one of the main highlights of the trip. You can see sea birds flying around and hunting for fishes in the sea while peacefully making your way through the glimmering, clear blue ocean. The entire island is dotted completely with places of Krishna relevance and the atmosphere is steeped in a deep vibe of age old mysticism and mythology which can be felt from the moment you step into this place.

Pro Tip – The boats function from 6 am to 7 pm. The temple closes at 12 noon and reopens at 5 pm.

Dwarkadhish Temple Darshan and Beach Relaxation

Dwarkadhish Temple

The temple of Dwarkadhish is one of the most prominent landmarks of holy sites in Gujarat. Being a major pillar of the holy Char Dham Yatra of India that also includes Rameshwarma, Jagannath Mandir and Badrinath Dham, the religious importance of this place is immense. All year round people make their way up the large steps to offer their prayer to the presiding deity of lord Krishna, on whose initial residential place this temple now stands. After the Darshan is over one can easily go to the beach which is located just next to the temple and relax for some time while watching the sun go down. This combination of spirituality and fun activities is much appreciated by the pilgrims as one of the most unique religious experiences in Gujarat.

Pro Tip – Apart from the Darshan go there for the shringar ritual that takes place early in the morning.

Peaceful walk up to Bhadkeshwar Mahadev Mandir

Bhadkeshwar Mahadev Mandir

India is famous for being home to temples and places of worship in unique places one such unique location of a temple is Bhadkeshwar Mahadev. Located on top of a hillock out in the sea off the main land of Gujarat this is a very unique temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. A simple walk up to the temple with the vast open sea stretching far and wide is deeply rejuvenating and refreshing in itself. Another unique feature of this spiritual walk up to the temple is that it can only be visited when the tides are low and the bridge is uncovered only during that time.

Pro Tip – Go there in the evening and watch the setting sun while also being a part of the holy Aarti procession.

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