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This holy temple has found its mention in Shiv Puran and is one of the most significant Jyotirlinga of Shiva. The temple is set amidst some of the most stunning natural surroundings which makes it one of the most spiritual places to be. The crowd here is at a minimal and completing your darshan here will definitely be etched in your memories forever. The idol of the presiding deity inside is very finery carved and is famous all over the world. A guide to this magnificently majestic temple will ensure that you have the most spiritual experiences in India.

Location: West India

Best Time to Visit Nageshwar:

Being situated in a hot climate region the best time for you to visit the temple would be during the autumn-winter months of September to April. The weather remains pleasant and comfortable for darshan and sightseeing. Summer season and monsoon must be avoided since the place is prone to flooding along with hot and humid weather conditions which will feel very uncomfortable for sightseeing and excursion.

Why Visit Nageshwar Jyotirling?:

This temple is an important place of worship for the followers of lord Shiva and Hindus in general from all over the world. Offering your prayer at the temple is supposed to give you one of the most holy and sacred ritual. The massive lord Shiva statue located inside is a wonderful thing to experience and offering prayer to the lord here is supposed to make him happy and pleased.

  • 22°C to 42°C

    (April to June)

  • 22°C to 30°C

    (July to September)

  • 10°C to 18°C

    (October to February)