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Nageshwar Location – Driving Direction by Road, Trains, Flights, Bus / Car

Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple

Nageshwar Jyotirlinga is an auspicious lord Shiva shrine in the state of Gujarat. This is one among the 12 Shiva Jyotirlingam that our country has. A huge, magnificent statue of Lord Shiva at the temple is a highly revered one and devotees throng in large numbers to pay their tribute to the lord who is believed to be potent enough to counteract the evil effects of all sorts of poisons. If you are planning to visit the temple of late, the following write-up on the temple’s location would indeed be useful for you. Read on to learn more-

Nageshwar Location

The temple falls within Gujarat’s Dwarka district and in a place called ‘Darukavanam’. The route that runs between the city of Dwarka and the island of Bet Dwarka has the temple and the region stands along the coastline of Saurashtra. According to ancient texts like Shiva Purana, this temple of Naganath stood in the midst of Darukavana which perhaps hints at a dense forest of Deodar trees. But, this ancient reference on the temple’s location has long been a subject of controversy. Deodar trees have always been religiously linked with the presence of lord Shiva but there’s an abundance of such trees not in the peninsular India but in the western Himalayan region. Some believe that Darukavana was situated in Almora where there’s a generous growth of such trees and not in Gujarat and they further believe that Darukavana could have been the actual word in the ancient texts and it eventually came to be misread or mis-spelt as ‘Darukavana’. To add more to this location controversy it has been pointed out that none of our great epics talk of the presence of a Daruka van or deodar forest in the Dwarka region of Gujarat.

How to Reach Nageshwar

In order to reach Nageshwar easily you first need to reach Dwarka. Dwarka station stands on the broad gauge railway track running between Ahmedabad and Okha. Apart from taking a train to Dwarka station you could also travel by train to Veraval station located only 7kms away from Dwarka. On reaching Veraval station you could take a bus or cab to reach Dwarka. If you wish to travel by flight, you need to fly to Jamnagar first as Jamnagar airport is the nearest airport to the city of Dwarka and then complete the rest of the journey by road. Traveling to Dwarka from any part of Gujarat is easy as the city is well connected by road transport to all other important cities of Gujarat. Once you have reached Dwarka you are very close to the Nageshwar Jyotirlingam temple which is only 25 mins drive away from the Dwarka city and can be reached by means of auto rickshaw or cab.

Route Map and Distance Chart

Reaching Nageshwara Jyotirlngam is not much of a hassle. The most common route map followed is-
Jamnagar-Dwarka [131kms approx]-Nageshwar [16kms approx]

Distance Chart-

  • Ahmedabad-Nageshwar 455kms
  • Jamnagar-Nageshwar 148kms
  • Somnath-Nageshwar 247kms
  • Rajkot-Nageshwar 241kms
  • Gandhinagar-Nageshwar 480kms
  • Surat-Nageshwar 689kms
  • Diu-Nageshwar 330kms
  • Gir-Nageshwar 293kms
  • Junagadh-Nageshwar 224kms
  • Porbandar-Nageshwar 120kms
  • Dwarka-Nageshwar 16kms

Nageshvara Jyotirling Temple Video

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