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Gujarat has always been acknowledged for its remarkable beauty, unmatched spiritual vibe and interesting tourist sights. Currently this western most state is visited by numerous tourists from national and international lands to explore its natural beauty and devotional essence. The UNESCO world heritage sites here are also a mark of its impeccable history and traditions. Visiting Gujarat and not taking a trip to its market places will make your whole trip incomplete. There are several arrays of patchworks, fabric, handicrafts, patchworks, silk sarees etc. which you can only find here and nowhere else in the world.

Shopping in Gujarat is not just an activity it is a whole experience where you get in touch with the traditions, beliefs and culture of the Gujarati population here. it truly is every shopper’s paradise where you can also indulge in shopping for jewellery, Khadi, Bandhni traditional Ghagra Choli, handlooms etc. the market places are lined and filled with brightly coloured artefacts representing this amazing place of culture. Here you can truly shop till you drop and have a fun time doing so. The people selling these are also very friendly and pleasant who deal with you with a smile each time you go.

The exuberant and irresistible shopping places in Gujarat are surely a treat for every tourist sine you will have a lot of things to buy and take back home as a mark of your lifelong memories. Apart from the general arts crafts and traditional jewellery Gujarat is also a hub for diamond industry along with ivory items, silver decoratives, zari mirror work and so much more. The flourishing Gujarati textile industry is also another flourishing industry that had been thriving since a long time. The unique patterns, designs and art forms have been attracting tourists from all over the world to experience its diversity and rich cultural ethics.